Definition of Bounce:

  1. A rebound of a ball or other object.

  2. (of a person) jump repeatedly up and down, typically on something springy.

  3. An act of jumping or an instance of being moved up and down.

  4. (of an object, especially a ball) move quickly up, back, or away from a surface after hitting it; rebound (once or repeatedly).

  5. (of a check) be returned by a bank when there are insufficient funds to meet it.

  6. Notification by an email program or server that a message could not be delivered for any one of several reasons (such as a down server, full mail box, wrong address), explanation for which is often included with the bounce.

  7. Eject (a troublemaker) forcibly from a nightclub or similar establishment.

Synonyms of Bounce

Rebound, Spring back, Bob, Recoil, Ricochet, Jounce, Bound, Leap, Jump, Spring, Bob, Hop, Skip, Trip, Gambol, Dance, Prance, Romp, Caper, Cavort, Frisk, Frolic, Sport, Expel, Throw out, Turn out, Put out, Cast out, Remove, Oust, AM signal, CRT spot, DM display, Doppler signal, FM signal, Highland fling, IF signal, IM display, RF amplifier, RF echoes, RF signal, RF stage, Adaptability, Airiness, And jump, Animation, Ax, Backfire, Backlash, Backlashing, Beam, Beat signal, Blips, Bludgeon, Bluff, Bluster, Bluster and bluff, Bob, Bobble, Boomerang, Boot, Boot out, Bounce, Bounce back, Bounces, Bounciness, Bound, Bound back, Brag, Brave show, Break, Breeziness, Broad jump, Browbeat, Buck, Buckjump, Bulldoze, Bully, Bullyrag, Bump, Buoyance, Buoyancy, Bust, Can, Cannon, Cannon off, Caper, Capriole, Caracole, Carefreeness, Carom, Cashier, Cast, Cast out, Cavort, Chatter, Chirpiness, Chuck out, Clear, Contrecoup, Cow, Curvet, Cut a dido, Cut capers, Debonairness, Defenestrate, Defrock, Degrade, Demivolt, Demote, Deplume, Depose, Deprive, Detrude, Didder, Direct signal, Disbar, Discard, Discharge, Disemploy, Dismiss, Displace, Display, Displume, Dither, Double-dot display, Dragoon, Drum out, Dynamism, Echo, Echo signal, Eject, Elasticity, Energy, Exclude, Expel, Extensibility, Extrude, Falter, Fire, Flexibility, Flounce, Fly back, Flying jump, Frisk, Furlough, Galliard, Gambado, Gambol, Gasconade, Gelandesprung, Get-up-and-go, Give, Give the ax, Give the gate, Give the hook, Go, Grand jete, Grimace, Handspring, Have an ague, Have repercussions, Heave out, Hector, High jump, Hippety-hop, Hop, Hurdle, Hustle, Intimidate, Jactitate, Jar, Jauntiness, Jerk, Jete, Jettison, Jig, Jigget, Jiggle, Jog, Joggle, Jolt, Jostle, Jounce, Jump, Jump about, Jump over, Jump shot, Jump turn, Jump-hop, Jump-off, Junk, Kick, Kick back, Kick downstairs, Kick out, Kick upstairs, Kickback, Lash back, Lavolta, Lay off, Leap, Leap over, Leapfrog, Let go, Let out, Levity, Life, Light heart, Lightheartedness, Lightness, Lightsomeness, Liveliness, Local oscillator signal, Long jump, Lop, Make redundant, Morris, Negotiate, Obtrude, Oust, Out-herod Herod, Output signal, Overjump, Overleap, Overskip, Peacockery, Peacockishness, Pension off, Pep, Perkiness, Pertness, Picture, Pips, Pole vault, Pounce, Pounce on, Pounce upon, Prance, Put out, Quake, Quaver, Quiver, Radar signal, Radio-frequency amplifier, Radio-frequency signal, Radio-frequency stage, Rage, Ramp, Rant, Rave, Read out of, Reading, Rebound, Rebuff, Recalcitrate, Recalcitration, Recoil, Reflected signal, Reflection, Reject, Release, Remove, Repercuss, Repercussion, Replace, Repulse, Resile, Resilience, Resiliency, Responsiveness, Retire, Return, Return signal, Ricochet, Rictus, Roister, Rollick, Romp, Running broad jump, Running high jump, Sack, Saut de basque, Separate forcibly, Shake, Shiver, Shock, Shortwave signal, Shudder, Signal, Signal display, Ski jump, Skip, Slang, Snap, Snap back, Splutter, Spot, Spring, Spring back, Springiness, Sputter, Start, Start aside, Start up, Steeplechase, Storm, Stretch, Stretchability, Stretchiness, Strip, Strut, Strutting, Superannuate, Surplus, Suspend, Swagger, Swaggering, Swank, Swash, Swashbuckle, Swashbucklering, Swashbucklery, Swashbuckling, Target image, Terminate, Throw away, Throw out, Throw overboard, Thrust out, Tic, Tone, Tonicity, Tonus, Toss out, Tour jete, Trace, Transmitter signal, Tremble, Tremor, Trip, Turn off, Turn out, Twitch, Twitter, Unfrock, Unidirectional signal, Updive, Upleap, Upspring, Vapor, Vault, Verve, Vibrate, Video signal, Vitality, Vivacity, Wobble, Yield, Zest, Zip, Springiness, Spring, Rebound, Reflection, Ricochet

How to use Bounce in a sentence?

  1. Bouncing up and down on the mattress.
  2. The ball bounced away and he chased it.
  3. A bad bounce caused the ball to get away from the second baseman.
  4. Every bounce of the truck brought them into fresh contact.

Meaning of Bounce & Bounce Definition