Definition of Bought:

  1. Accept the truth about

  2. Making or doing any kind of financial exchange. Melanie bought five oranges when she found out that her daughter likes them for breakfast.

  3. Payment should be reimbursed.

  4. shopping.

Synonyms of Bought

Addition, Bargain, Give ones seal of approval to, Consent to, Say yes to, Acquire, Asset, Concur in, Holding, Obtain, Assent to, Possession, Make a purchase of, Snap up, Acquisition, Make the purchase of, Give ones stamp of approval to, Get, Rubber-stamp, Acquiesce in, Investment, Accede to, Purchase, Pick up, Deal, Accept, Agree to, Bless, Gain, Purchase, Give ones blessing to

How to use Bought in a sentence?

  1. I really need a new computer. As soon as I saved enough, I went to the store and bought one.
  2. I went to the store and bought some apples and bananas for the party that we are doing tonight.
  3. He bought six premium stamps.
  4. There are some things in this world that can't be bought. The awards that our company has won with a strong image of our brand are an example.

Meaning of Bought & Bought Definition

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