Definition of Bought:

  1. Accept the truth of.

  2. To have purchased or made some type of financial exchange. Melanie bought five oranges after she found out that her daughter enjoyed them for breakfast..

  3. Obtain in exchange for payment.

  4. A purchase.

Synonyms of Bought

Purchase, Make a purchase of, Make the purchase of, Acquire, Obtain, Get, Pick up, Snap up, Purchase, Deal, Bargain, Investment, Acquisition, Addition, Gain, Asset, Possession, Holding, Accept, Agree to, Consent to, Assent to, Acquiesce in, Concur in, Accede to, Give ones blessing to, Bless, Give ones seal of approval to, Give ones stamp of approval to, Rubber-stamp, Say yes to

How to use Bought in a sentence?

  1. I was desperately in need of a new computer, so as soon as I had enough money saved up, I went to the store and bought one.
  2. I went to the store and bought a couple apples and a couple bananas for the part we were having tonight.
  3. She bought six first-class stamps.
  4. Some things in this world cannot be bought . The respect our company has developed with our powerful brand image is an example of this.

Meaning of Bought & Bought Definition