Definition of Bot:

  1. (chiefly in science fiction) a robot.

  2. An autonomous program on the Internet or another network that can interact with systems or users.

  3. Robot. Type of computer program that scours the internet, searching for the information requested (queried) by a user. Bot software automates repetitive tasks such as following all the hyperlinks on a website, thus saving hours or even days of mundane work. Also called crawler, web crawler, web spider.

How to use Bot in a sentence?

  1. You can program your bot to store data in the database of your choice.
  2. We have maintenance bots in there.

Meaning of Bot & Bot Definition

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Abbreviation of robots. See .

A type of robot or computer program capable of performing specific tasks and imitating human behavior.

Bot, short for web robot, is code-based and performs automated tasks on the web. Bots are often used for ad fraud by imitating people's movements on websites.

A bot is a computer program that browses or visits websites. A bot can also be called a crawler or a spider.

A computer program that browses or visits websites. Because of these activities, bots are also known as crawlers or spiders. A bot is software that automates tasks normally performed by humans.

Also known as search engines, robots, crawlers. These automated software agents crawl content across the web to understand and index the content to extract the most relevant results for a search.

An automated program that visits websites, also known as a crawler or spider. Search engines like Google use robots to crawl websites so that they can be ranked and added to search indexes. Spammers visit websites for nefarious purposes and often appear as spam traffic in Google Analytics.

(or robot): see scanner definition.

See: crawler, Googlebot.

A bot (alternatively, a spider, a crawler, etc.) is a software application that systematically searches the Internet for new websites and updates. Google's main web crawling bot is Googlebot.

A bot is an active script or program that can perform certain automated tasks. Bots, spiders or crawlers are the most commonly used bots today. Search engines use bots to find websites and add them to their search indexes.