Definition of Boss:

  1. An individual that is usually the immediate supervisor of some number of employees and has certain capacities and responsibilities to make decisions. The term itself is not a formal title, and is sometimes used to refer to any higher level employee in a company, including a supervisor, manager, director, or the CEO.

Synonyms of Boss

A per se, Big Brother, OK, Ace, Ace-high, Administrator, Anaglyph, Ascendant, At the head, Auditor, Bad, Bang-up, Bas-relief, Big cheese, Bilge, Blain, Bleb, Blister, Blob, Boatswain, Bonzer, Bow, Bubble, Bulb, Bulge, Bulla, Bully, Bump, Bunch, Burl, But good, Button, Bwana, Cacique, Cahot, Cameo, Cameo glass, Capital, Cavo-rilievo, Champion, Chaperon, Chase, Chef, Chief, Chieftain, Chine, Church dignitary, Clump, Coarsen, Cock, Colophon, Command, Commander, Commanding, Comptroller, Concavity, Condyle, Control, Controller, Controlling, Convex, Convexity, Cool, Corking, Crackerjack, Cut glass, Dactylogram, Dactylograph, Dandy, Dean, Delicious, Dent, Dint, Direct, Director, Dominant, Dominate, Domineer, Dowel, Ducky, Ear, Ecclesiarch, Elder, Emboss, Embossment, Employer, Excrescence, Fab, Famous, Fine, Fine and dandy, Fingerprint, First-rate, Flange, Flap, Floor manager, Floorman, Floorwalker, Footmark, Footprint, Footstep, Foreman, Fossil footprint, Fugleman, Gaffer, Gall, Ganger, Gear, General, Genius, Glyph, Glyptograph, Gnarl, Goodman, Governing, Governor, Granulate, Great, Groovy, Guru, Handle, Head, Headman, Heavy, Hegemonic, Hegemonistic, Hierarch, High relief, Higher-up, Hill, Himself, Honcho, Horripilate, Hot, Hump, Hunch, Hunky-dory, Husband, Ichnite, Ichnolite, Impress, Impression, Imprint, In ascendancy, In charge, In chief, In the ascendant, Indent, Indentation, Indention, Inspector, Intaglio, Intaglio rilevato, Intaglio rilievo, Jam-up, Jog, Joggle, Just dandy, Keen, Keep in order, Keynoter, Kingpin, Knob, Knot, Knur, Knurl, Laureate, Leader, Leading, Liege, Liege lord, Lip, Loop, Lord, Lord it over, Lord paramount, Low relief, Lump, Man higher up, Manage, Manager, Managing director, Marvy, Mask, Master, Mean, Medal, Medallion, Mole, Monitor, Mountain, Neat, Nevus, Nifty, Nobby, Noncommissioned officer, Nonpareil, Nub, Nubbin, Nubble, Okay, Order about, Out of sight, Overlook, Overlord, Overman, Oversee, Overseeing, Overseer, Owner, Pad, Padrone, Papilloma, Paragon, Paramount, Paterfamilias, Patriarch, Patron, Paw print, Pawmark, Peachy, Peachy-keen, Peg, Pimple, Plaquette, Policy maker, Predominant, Predominate, Prepollent, Preponderant, Preponderate, Prepotent, President, Prevalent, Prexy, Principal, Print, Proctor, Prodigy, Proprietor, Pug, Pugmark, Quarterback, Rabbi, Raise, Regnant, Regulating, Regulative, Regulatory, Reigning, Relief, Relievo, Rib, Ride herd on, Ridge, Ring, Ringleader, Ripping, Rough, Rough up, Roughen, Ruler, Ruling, Rum, Run, Sachem, Sahib, Scrumptious, Sculptured glass, Seal, Seigneur, Seignior, Senior, Shoulder, Sigil, Signet, Sirdar, Slap-up, Slave driver, Smashing, Solid, Something else, Sovereign, Spiffing, Spiffy, Spine, Stamp, Stand over, Standard-bearer, Star, Starets, Step, Straw boss, Stud, Stunning, Style, Subforeman, Super, Superintend, Superintendent, Superior, Superman, Superstar, Supervise, Supervising, Supervisor, Supervisory, Supreme, Survey, Surveyor, Swell, Tab, Take care of, Take charge, Taskmaster, Teacher, The greatest, The most, Thumbmark, Thumbprint, Top, Top dog, Tough, Tubercle, Tubercule, Verruca, Vesicle, Vestige, Virtuoso, Visitor, Wale, Wart, Welt, Wizard

How to use Boss in a sentence?

  1. I sent my request up the chain of command to my boss in order to expedite my concern immediately and correctly.
  2. I had to do what I was told because the orders came directly from my boss and I could not argue with him.
  3. When you just get hired on to a company it may be a good idea to introduce yourself to the boss and show him you are dedicated.

Meaning of Boss & Boss Definition

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