Bosch Axxis Where To Put Detergent

Bosch Axxis Where To Put Detergent

Where do you put your laundry in the Bosch washing machine?

Put the detergent for the prewash in the far right compartment. The fabric softener can be placed in the center compartment. The softener is automatically dosed during the last rinse. Do not put it directly in the washing machine.

What are the 3 compartments in a washing machine drawer?

  • Laundry. This option applies when the garments are heavily or completely soiled.
  • Softener.
  • Main laundry.
  • Type I washing machine drawer.
  • Type II washing machine drawer.
  • Vending machine.

Which detergent is also best for the Bosch washing machine?

Bosch superior machine cleaner

  • Bosch Original Toploader liquid detergent was developed to remove stubborn stains in top-loading washing machines.
  • Experience the difference with Bosch Low Foam Liquid Formula: gentle on your hands, yet powerful.

Can I also use powder detergent in the Bosch washing machine?

You can use Bosch H washing powder if you put it in the large compartment to the left of the detergent drawer.

Can i put liquid detergent in the drum?

If you use a product like Persil NonBio liquid, put the detergent in the basket in the dosing ball and follow the instructions on the bottle. It may be necessary to add more liquid detergents to the detergent drawer, usually divided into three compartments, identified as follows: I / II / *.

What are the three compartments of a Bosch washing machine drawer?

The pull-out dispenser has three compartments: the left one has a II mark, the middle one a kind of flower and the right one an I.

Which compartment is reserved for detergent?

In which container is the detergent?

If the laundry is very dirty and needs to be pre-washed, put the detergent in the top drawer. Put the detergent in compartment 2 for the main wash. For normal washing, put detergent in drawer 2.

What is the key symbol on Bosch washing machines?

Depending on the model of your washing machine, a key symbol or a CL appears on the screen when the childproof lock is activated and all buttons on the washing machine are deactivated. Press and hold the Home button for three to five seconds until you hear a beep and the key icon disappears.

What is the Bosch detergent dispenser?

In the drawer of our Bosch washing machine there is one for pre-wash detergent (symbol I). The second dosing chamber is intended for detergents for the main wash and for descaling, bleaching and staining agents.

What is the softener symbol?

Where do I put the bleach for this in the washing machine?

How to put bleach in a front loading washing machine

What is the main wash?

The laundry is washed in the main wash cycle. Depending on the type of fabric and the degree of soiling, it is necessary to select the washing program and the temperature. Follow the washing machine instructions and garment care instructions to select the correct settings.

Where in the washing machine does the dust go?

From left to right they soften (there is a small hinged lid and it is the smallest compartment in the whole drawer), then another compartment in the center where the dust goes, then another compartment to the right for prewash.

Do you put laundry before or after clothes?

If you have a regular downloader, your best bet is to fill the washing machine with water first, then add detergent and finally your clothes. This will help distribute the detergent evenly in the water before it comes into contact with your clothes. Remember, the better you feel about your washer and dryer, the longer they will last.

Can you put fabric softener in the drum?

Can you put the detergent directly into the washing machine?

Adding laundry detergent to a high efficiency washing machine. It is also possible to use single-dose packs of detergent in a HE washing machine. Unlike liquids or powders, these must be placed directly into the drum of the washing machine. And you should do this before adding the clothes and adding the wrap after the clothes have not completely dissolved.

What is the best liquid or powder detergent?

When it comes to washing clothes, washing powders and liquid detergents are not that different. Liquid detergent is better for greasy stains, while powdered detergent is better for removing sludge.

How do you use the detergent in a front loader?

If you are using a top-loading or semi-automatic washing machine, measure the detergent directly into the drum before adding the laundry. If you are using a front loader, put the washing powder in the drawer. Put the laundry in the drum after adding the detergent.

How much detergent should I use?

As a general rule, you should only use one tablespoon of laundry detergent per normal amount. (The measuring cup supplied with the liquid detergent is approximately 10 times larger than the amount of detergent actually needed.)

Can I use the powder in the front loader?

How do you clean the Bosch washing machine?

Remove debris from the drum by cleaning it every 2-3 months. Start a washing program that works at 90 ° C with an empty quantity and add a little bleach. Some Bosch washing machines have a drum cleaning program so that the washing machine smells fresh and pleasant.

How do Bosch ideas work?

Bosch Axxis Where To Put Detergent