Definition of Borrowing:

  1. The action of borrowing something.

  2. Receiving something of value in exchange for an obligation to pay back something of usually greater value at a particular time in the future.

Synonyms of Borrowing

Accounts payable, Accounts receivable, Amount due, Appropriation, Autoplagiarism, Bad debts, Bill, Bills, Borrowed word, Calque, Charges, Cheap money, Chits, Cribbing, Debt, Discounting, Due, Dues, Financial commitment, Floating debt, Foreignism, Funded debt, Indebtedness, Indebtment, Infringement of copyright, Lending, Liability, Literary piracy, Loan translation, Loan word, Maturity, Money market, National debt, Note discounting, Note shaving, Obligation, Outstanding debt, Paronym, Piracy, Plagiarism, Plagiarizing, Plagiary, Pledge, Public debt, Score, Tight money, Uncollectibles, Unfulfilled pledge

How to use Borrowing in a sentence?

  1. The young entrepreneur is borrowing $50,000 from a wealthy relative in order to start his new streaming music business for independent singer-songwriters.
  2. The group had total borrowings of $570 million.
  3. I was tired of borrowing money from my friends and just wanted to find my own source of income that I could rely on.
  4. Tom admitted he was concerned about how much money he was borrowing from the bank, but felt confident hed be able to pay it back.

Meaning of Borrowing & Borrowing Definition