Definition of Borrower:

  1. An individual, organization or company that is using funds, materials or services on credit. See also borrow, lender, loan.

  2. A person or organization that takes and uses something belonging to someone else with the intention of returning it.

How to use Borrower in a sentence?

  1. My last pair were ruined by a careless borrower.
  2. I had a lot of experience as a borrower and did not mind taking money, because I always paid off my debts.
  3. You need to make sure that the borrower understands all of the terms of the deal before you get to deep in with them.
  4. When a person is given money by another person or institution that is understood to be repaid in full by a certain time, that person is called the borrower .

Meaning of Borrower & Borrower Definition

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Borrower Meanings:

Eligible individuals, as stated in the signature certificate of eligibility issued by the respective campus representative, are primarily responsible for repaying the program loan.

Synonyms of Borrower

rustler , asker , supplicant , supplicator , vagabond , ■■■ , scrounger , tramp , deadbeat , panhandler , ■■■■ , mendicant


Borrower Definition:

  • Definition of Borrower: The authorized person is primarily responsible for repaying the program's debts, as indicated on the certificate of eligibility issued by the responsible campus representative.

Meanings of Borrower

  1. A person or organization that takes and uses something that belongs to someone else with the intention of returning it.

Sentences of Borrower

  1. My last pair of hairdressers was destroyed by a cruel borrower.