Definition of Bordereau:

Data report containing premium or certain risk claims. These reports are regularly sent to insurance companies through transfers or insurance companies.

Definition of Bordereau: A receipt is a document prepared by an insurance company and provided to your insurance company. This includes information about risks that may arise later, such as: B. Insurance or loss information with a claim.


What Does Bordereau Mean?

  • Bordereau definition is: Time offered by the insurance company. Periodic reports in which insurance records insurance premiums and / or insurance losses related to certain risks set out in the insurance contract.

  • List a large number of transactions, documents or policies. If a large number of these goods are shipped to another company or department, they are usually along the border for transfer and control purposes.

  • Agenda or list. Periodic payments Periodic payments are commonly used in insurance practices for payments, premiums and claims.

  • Bordereau means, A note or receipt made by the insurance company on the list of insurance risks.