Bootmgr Is Missing

Bootmgr Is Missing

Error: Bootmgr is missing, how to fix it? ۔

First of all:

Or the HD menu is being recaptured.

The start command is:



By the way

I can't boot CD or pen drive, boot MGR is missing or error persists.

Two SATAS cs have already been ordered.

My PC works fine. (Parts)

Now I tried dual booting with Android X86 and Windows 7. However, Android created and installed a Grubbed node on my HD and even formatted it to 32.

When I turn on the PC and try to boot, I get a message: Bootmgr is missing.

Or can I do what I can solve?

Is there a program to format or start HD hair?

Please customize me: /

So, first of all, if you have HD what is likely but potentially, or like Corporate OS, in any case the entry of any OS was not deleted, for example: Windows Paste system 32, which you do not need to access, because your computer is still connected and working normally. Also, you need a boot CD or flash drive containing the boot operating system, such as a boot number or no hard disk (formatted number or hard disk).

Bootmgr Is Missing