Definition of Boot:

  1. A navy or marine recruit.

  2. Start (a computer) and put it into a state of readiness for operation.

  3. The process of starting a computer and putting it into a state of readiness for operation.

  4. Place a Denver boot on (an illegally parked car).

  5. Kick (something) hard in a specified direction.

  6. A sturdy item of footwear covering the foot, the ankle, and sometimes the leg below the knee.

  7. Computing: See booting.

  8. Taxation: Money or property the inclusion of which converts a non-taxable exchange into a taxable one, to the extent of its fair market value or the gain realized on transfer.

  9. Law: Money or other consideration paid to compensate for an unfair exchange.

  10. A hard kick.

  11. An enclosed space at the back of a car for carrying luggage or other goods; a trunk.

Synonyms of Boot

Gumboot, Wellington, Wader, Walking boot, Riding boot, Field boot, Jackboot, Thigh boot, Half-boot, Ankle boot, ■■■■■ boot, Chelsea boot, Balmoral, Desert boot, Moon boot, Snow boot, Kick, Punt, Bunt, Strike with the foot, Tap, Naval Reservist, Procrustean bed, Royal Marine, Seabee, Abecedarian, Additionally, Alphabetarian, Also, Apprentice, Articled clerk, As well, Avail, ■■■■, Bed of Procrustes, Beginner, Besides, Bloomer, Blooper, ■■■■, Bluejacket, Bobble, Bonehead play, ■■■■■, Bonnet, Boo-boo, ■■■■ stunt, Booting out, Boots, Bounce, Break, Breech, Bump, Bust, Cadet, Calcitration, Can, Cap, Cashier, Cashiering, Catechumen, Charge, Chaussure, Cloak, Clodhoppers, Coat, Coif, Colt, Conge, Conscript, Debutant, Defenestration, Defrock, Degrade, Demote, Deplume, Deposal, Depose, Deprive, Detrusion, Disbar, Discharge, Disemploy, Disemployment, Dismiss, Dismissal, Displace, Displacing, Displume, Draft, Drafted man, Draftee, Drop a brick, Drop kick, Drop the ball, Drum out, Drumming out, Duff, Dumb trick, Eject, Ejection, Ejectment, Enlistee, Enrollee, Entrant, Expel, Expulsion, Extrusion, Fire, ■■■■■■, Fledgling, Fluff, Flush, Fool mistake, Footgear, Footwear, Foozle, Forced separation, Foul up, Foul-up, Freshman, Frock, Frogman, Furlough, Furloughing, Give the ax, Give the gate, ■■■, Goof, Gown, Greenhorn, Gunboats, Hat, Help, Hood, Horse marine, Howler, Ignoramus, In addition, Inductee, Initiate, Into the bargain, Iron heel, Jacket, Jettison, Jollies, Jolly, Kick, Kick upstairs, Kicking, Kicking downstairs, Knee, Lay off, Layoff, Let go, Let out, Levy, Lift, Louse up, Louse-up, Make redundant, Mantle, Marine, Midshipman, Midshipmite, Moreover, Muck up, Muck-up, Naval cadet, Navy man, Neophyte, Novice, Novitiate, Obtrusion, Ouster, Ousting, Pattens, Pension off, Pink slip, Place kick, Postulant, Pratfall, Probationer, Probationist, Profit, Propel, Pull a ■■■■■, Punt, Push, Quiver, Rack, Raw recruit, Read out of, Recruit, Rejection, Release, Removal, Remove, Replace, Retire, Retirement, Rookie, Rush, Rush of emotion, Sabots, Sack, Scarpines, Screamer, Screw, Screw up, Screw-up, Selectee, Sensation, Separate forcibly, Shirt, Shiver, Shoe, Shoes, Shove, Shudder, Sock, Stocking, Strip, Superannuate, Surge of emotion, Surplus, Surplusing, Suspend, Suspension, Swabbie, Tenderfoot, The ax, The boot, The bounce, The gate, The sack, Thrill, Throwing out, Thumbscrew, Ticket, Tingle, Tingling, Titillation, To boot, Too, Trainee, Tremor, Tremor of excitement, Turn off, Turn out, Tyro, Unfrock, Walking papers, Wallop, Wheel, Wooden shoes, Kick, ■■■■, Knock, Start up, Fire up, Prepare, Ready, Make ready

How to use Boot in a sentence?

  1. I was going to stop and show him what was in the boot but I thought better of it.
  2. When I booted the computer I heard a extremely loud rattle.
  3. A boot disk.
  4. The computer would not boot and it took us a long time before we could actually find the files we needed for the deal.
  5. You may need to give someone the boot if they are always causing problems or never show up to work on time.
  6. You need to be able to boot your computer quickly if it is acting up and you need to work on something right then.
  7. This winters stylish footwear, from ankle boots to sneakers, will have you praying for more days of snowfall.

Meaning of Boot & Boot Definition

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Definition of Boot:

A simple definition of Boot is: A non-technical term used to describe money received by some people in exchange for property or something else that would otherwise be tax-free.

Meanings of Boot

  1. Kick hard (slightly) hard from a certain direction.

  2. Turn on the computer and prepare to use it.

  3. Wear Denver shoes (not standing properly)

  4. Strong shoes that cover the feet, ankles and sometimes the feet below the knee.

  5. The back of the vehicle for carrying luggage or other belongings in the trunk.

  6. Computer startup and startup process

  7. Recruit Marines or Marines.

Sentences of Boot

  1. I hear a loud noise when I turn on the computer

  2. From ankle boots to boots, these winter boots will force you to ask for more snow for days.

  3. I wanted to stop and show him what's in the trunks, but I changed my mind.

Synonyms of Boot

snow shoes , mukluk , waders , waters , brogan , footwear , oxford , galoshes


What is The Definition of Boot?

  1. A non-technical term that refers to the amount of money used by some people or the amount received in exchange for another property that would otherwise be tax-free.

Meanings of Boot

  1. Strong shoes that cover the feet and ankles and sometimes the legs.

  2. To fly

  3. Closed space behind the car for transporting goods or other items.

  4. Kick hard (slightly) in a certain direction.

  5. (Computer) start and work it.

  6. Install wheel clamp (incorrectly parked vehicle)

Sentences of Boot

  1. She has shoes on her stomach.

  2. Take the ball to the stand.

  3. After getting out of the car, the owner will have to pay the goods claim fee in addition to all the fines.

Synonyms of Boot

drive, beetle-crusher, bovver boot, blooter, overshoe, napoleon, top boot, buskin, Doc Martens, football boot, welly, send


A non-technical term used by some to describe money or other property received in exchange for property that would otherwise not be subject to tax.