Boost Post

Boost Post

Brands often rely on promoted posts to reach an audience that doesn't already follow their page. This can be done by paying a social media platform to promote or promote a specific post.

Literal Meanings of Boost Post


Meanings of Boost:
  1. A push from behind, as if someone was trying to get up.

  2. Something that helps or improves productivity or efficiency.

  3. (Automotive) Positive intake manifold pressure on turbocharged or supercharged vehicles.

  4. A lift or push from behind (someone wanting to climb) to push themselves up.

  5. (extended) To help or induce (something) to improve or improve, to overcome obstacles.

  6. To steal.

  7. Starting the car with cables to connect the battery of a moving car to the battery of a car that will not start.

  8. Make a backup recording.

  9. Boost for signal amplification.

Sentences of Boost
  1. The controversy increased the authors' sales.

  2. This campaign will increase your chances of winning the election.


Meanings of Post:
  1. A long block or board sticking out of the ground. post. lamppost.

  2. Hairpin one two by four.

  3. Pillar in the battery.

  4. Long, narrow piece that is inserted into the root canal to hold the crown.

  5. (usually a cappella) Extended last melodic note between soul harmony notes.

  6. The printing paper size is 19.25 inches by 15.5 inches.

  7. Door frame.

  8. Place it on the basketball court near the basket.

  9. A den of a grocery store or a tavern with dozens of customers written in chalk, about twenty debts.

  10. (Note) Has been placed in a conspicuous place for public inspection.

  11. Confront guilt or public accusations. Report ridicule publicly.

  12. Post (account) from the journal to the general ledger.

  13. Inform, report news, post the details of the topic that is frequently uploaded.

  14. Payment transaction).

  15. Posting content to the Internet, usually through a public medium such as B. video channel, gallery, bulletin board, blog, etc.

  16. Each of the various people stationed at specific locations along the mail route is responsible for forwarding letters and dispatches from the monarch (and later others) along the route.

  17. A station or one of several stations established to feed and accommodate travelers along a recognized route.

  18. A military base is a place where a soldier or unit is located, including the troops at that post.

  19. Someone who carries letters and sends express mail along a fixed route.

  20. An agency for the delivery of letters, parcels, etc., or services provided by such agency.

  21. Single Letter Delivery Letters or mailings forming a single mailing delivered to the same person or address.

  22. A message posted on an electronic or internet forum or blog, etc.

  23. A mid to deep passing lane in which the receiver drives 1,020 yards from scrimmage straight to the field and then cuts at a 45 degree angle to midfield (towards the front posts).

  24. Hurry or hurry, like a messenger or postman.

  25. Who runs the station, especially the post office.

  26. Traveling with squadrons of horses to send horses, originally as messengers.

  27. Move quickly to .

  28. For sending (mailing, etc.) by post.

  29. (Rider) Getting on and off the saddle according to the horse's movement, especially at the trot.

  30. Post (message) in a newsgroup, forum, blog, etc.

  31. By post, on post horses by a relay of horses (alternating in each phase) so on purpose, fast, fast.

  32. Send by mail.

  33. The sentry appointed a sentry.

  34. A certain position in the organization, job.

  35. To enter (name) in a list, e.g. B. for a favor, promotion, etc.

  36. Assign a station to tune in.

  37. Especially after a major event with long-term consequences.

  38. Post-production phase.

  39. Autopsy (investigation of the cause of of a corpse).

Sentences of Post
  1. Drive a pole into the ground.

  2. Do not send invoices.

  3. Post someone for cowardice.

  4. Since Jim was new to the game, he had to bet $4 to get the hand.

  5. Rail or mail.

  6. Shipping by parcel post.

  7. Two of the recipients used email templates.

  8. Items shipped before 7:00 PM in the CBD and before 5:00 PM outside the CBD will be shipped the next business day.

  9. I couldn't figure it out so I put the question on the mailing list.

  10. Place a guard at the gate.

Boost Post