Definition of Boom:

  1. A strong, deep and serious voice.

  2. Booms are usually medium to long term markets or economic growth periods and can turn into bubbles over time. The bubble occurs when the explosion goes beyond the basic trend of price increase, in which buyers are irrationally excited.

  3. A boom refers to an increase in business activity in a company, market, industry or economy as a whole. For private property, the rise means rapid and significant growth in sales, while for a country, significant growth in GDP is significant. In the stock market, the bullish trend is related to the bull market, while the crash is related to the bear market.

  4. Make a loud, deep and resonant sound.

  5. The amount of time after the recovery phase in a standard business cycle. The boom is characterized by an economy with full or near full capacity, high consumer demand, low unemployment and a rising stock market, usually accompanied by a sharp rise in consumer prices (inflation).

Phonetic Pronunciation of Boom


Origin of word Boom

Mid 16th century (in the general sense ‘beam, pole’): from Dutch, ‘beam, tree, pole’; related to beam.

Synonyms of Boom

Buildup, Iron curtain, Boom, Spread, Peak, Fulguration, Mutter, Leap, Zoom, Bowl along, Storm along, Reverberation, Carling float, Bottoming out, Crash, Grunt, Reverberation, Whine, Barrier, Cooling off, Breastwork, Gasp, Sibilate, Tumescence, Chant, Upsurge, Discharge, Flower, Whisk, Progress, Ripping bar, Bar, Crescendo, Waxing, Slam, Recovery, Zing, Proliferate, Split the ears, Bang, Expanding economy, Resonate, Run up, Accumulation, Be reflected, Boost, Pontoon, High growth rate, Bob, Accrue, Limb, Heave apeak, Snort, Accrual, Bum, Thrum, Embankment, Work, Jam, Blowout, Murmur, Jimmy, Resonance, Bray, Ball the jack, Fill the air, Breakwater, Grumble, Cant hook, Prosperity, Levee, Crowbar, Rumble, Increment, Fatten, Reverberate, Balloon, Echo back, Hiss, Parapet, Bamboo curtain, Proliferation, Bust, Resound, Upping, Drawl, Burgeoning, Mount, Breed, Gain, Cut along, Reecho, Groin, Rise, Echo, Edema, Clap on ratlines, Sizzle, Booming, Crow, Blat, Fence, Development, Breathe, Accession, Defense, Bloat, Keen, Economic growth, Split the eardrums, Portcullis, Buffer, Grumbling, Clip, Sweep, Business fluctuations, Cut loose, Kedge, Deafen, Stun, Blowup, Peavey, Gush, Crisis, Claw bar, Beam, Squeal, Skim, Snap, Shriek, Blast, Tear, Develop, Accumulate, Heave, Elevation, Jump, Arch dam, Crank, Life buoy, Thunder, Flash, Flit, Spar, Report, Resonate, Life preserver, Outstrip the wind, Dike, Strengthen, Purr, Shoot up, Cackle, Drone, Blubber, Nip, Yelp, Bombilate, Brick wall, Fulmination, Barrage, Bulkhead, Rock the sky, Make knots, Wall, Raise, Chirp, Ascent, Burr, Screech, Awake the dead, Ballooning, Yawp, Widening, Lay aloft, Economic expansion, Explosion, Slump, Board, Enlargement, Bloating, Bark, Prize, Buoy, Whisper, Ratline down, Moat, Coo, Growth, Broadening, Leaping weir, Greatening, Mounting, Breeze along, Intensify, Warble, Slowdown, Dam, Balsa, Shutter dam, Handspike, Aggrandizement, Milldam, Flare, Burgeon, Extension, Expansion, Augmentation, Cannonade, Stream the log, Scorch, Reboation, Pour it on, Whiz, Blare, Thunder along, Speed, Bawl, Rend the air, Roll, Startle the echoes, Growl, Hike, Pinch bar, Snarl, Squall, Market expansion, Upturn, Productiveness, Surfboard, Gate, Haul, Buzz, Appreciate, Multiplication, Accretion, Accruement, Addition, Crack, Cofferdam, Cast loose, Flute, Barrel, Increase, Hum, Gain strength, Rebound, Prosperousness, Lay, Breeze, Squawk, Surge, Blast the ear, Mound, Fleet, Sing, Tear along, Return, Grow, Appreciation, Explode, Beaver dam, Advance, Earthwork, Life raft, Resounding, Pipe, Gravity dam, Growling, Batten, Clear hawse, Depression, Lilt, Yap, Spar down, Burst, Pry, Brush, Bellow, Float, Mole, Lever, Thundering, Send back, Prosper, Roaring trade, Pedal, Rampart, Raft, Land-office business, Ring, Upswing, Stone wall, Yell, Weir, Cork, Reverberate, Low, Pant, Sigh, Blossom, Hydraulic-fill dam, Heave round, Economic cycle, Grow fat, Rip, Detonation, Amplification, Booming economy, Business cycle, Swell, Backfire, Warp, Log, Exclaim, Flood, Rattle the windows, Wicket dam, Uptrend, Zip, Go up, Logjam, Widen, Rock-fill dam, Access, Marlinespike, Go fast, Outrigger, Broaden, Wrecking bar, Heave short, Backstop, Wail, Rumbling, Bull market, Peal, Clap, Snowball, Bombinate, Fly low, Multiply, Roadblock, Twang, Bounce back, Iron crow, Balsa raft, Ditch, Bear-trap dam, Jetty, Seawall, Thrive, Up, Birr, Din, Get ahead, Roar, Bloom, Foot, Haul down, Flourish, Sob, Highball, Trumpet, Sound, Scream, Bank, Mumble, Traverse a yard, Profitability, Rend the ears, Smash, Be sent back, Inflation, Bulwark, Treadle, Recession, Downturn, Wax, Wham, Snowballing, Unlash, Whir, Fly, Swelling, Resound, Peaking, Resounding

How to use Boom in a sentence?

  1. If your product is growing and everyone wants it, you need to expand your offer as soon as possible.
  2. Booms last from medium to long term and can turn into bubbles, causing an accident.
  3. Deep kick drum blast.
  4. There was thunder in the sky.
  5. The rise in the stock market is often seen as a bull market, while the decline is seen as a bear market.
  6. Speed ​​indicates a high or rising phase of growth in a company, market, industry or economy.
  7. New investors are lucky to enter the market at a fast start, which makes them happy.
  8. The speculations of the 1990s left a huge amount of capital that could not be achieved profitably or positively.

Meaning of Boom & Boom Definition