Definition of Booking:

  1. An instance of a player being cautioned by the referee for foul play.

  2. An act of reserving accommodations, travel, etc., or of buying a ticket in advance.

  3. Customers concluded arrangement with a goods or services supplier (carrier, hotel, restaurant, publisher, etc.) representing a completed sale. Also called reservation or transaction.

Synonyms of Booking

Appointment, Bespeaking, Borscht circuit, Briefing, Cataloging, Chronicling, Circuit, Date, Employment, Engagement, Enlistment, Enrollment, Entering, Entry, Hiring, Impanelment, Indexing, Inscribing, Inscription, Insertion, Inventorying, Listing, Logging, Matriculation, Playing engagement, Posting, Preengagement, Record keeping, Recordation, Recording, Register, Registration, Registry, Reservation, Retainment, Run, Stand, Tabulation, Taking on, Tour, Vaudeville circuit, Reservation, Appointment, Date

How to use Booking in a sentence?

  1. Im sorry to tell you that the hotel is completely full during that whole week and we wont be able to accept your booking at this time.
  2. I didnt know that booking a restaurant would be such hard work, so I decided to quit after one day of doing it.
  3. The hotel does not handle group bookings.
  4. It was a rough match with five bookings.
  5. You should always make your booking well ahead of time when you fly because it will be much cheaper then.

Meaning of Booking & Booking Definition