Definition of Bonus:

  1. An amount of money added to wages on a seasonal basis, especially as a reward for good performance.

  2. Gratuity given as gift, or compensation earned as reward upon achieving a goal or milestone.

Synonyms of Bonus

Extra payment, Gratuity, Tip, Handout, Gift, Present, Honorarium, Reward, Prize, Commission, Dividend, Premium, Percentage, Trinkgeld, Balance, Bonus system, Bounty, Bribe, Buried treasure, Compensation, Consideration, Decoration, Discovery, Dividend, Donative, Double time, Extra, Extra added attraction, Extra dash, Fee, Filigree, Filling, Fillip, Find, Finding, Flourish, Foundling, Frill, Fringe benefit, Gratuity, Gravy, Grease, Hand-out, Honorarium, Incentive pay, Inducement, Lagniappe, Largess, Largesse, Leftover, Liberality, Margin, Ornament, Overage, Overmeasure, Overplus, Overrun, Overset, Overstock, Oversupply, Overtime pay, Padding, Palm oil, Perk, Perks, Perquisite, Perquisites, Plus, Pourboire, Premium, Remainder, Remuneration, Reward, Salve, Solatium, Something extra, Spare, Sportula, Stuffing, Superaddition, Surplus, Surplusage, Sweetener, Tip, Treasure trove, Trimming, Trouvaille, Trove, Twist, Waifs, Waifs and strays, Windfall, Windfall money, Windfall profit, Wrinkle

How to use Bonus in a sentence?

  1. I was issued a bonus at the end of the year and it made me happy because I could now take my wife to an island.
  2. My boss said if I do good on my test I will get a huge bonus . I could really use the extra money for all my bills.
  3. The holiday bonus was greeted with a warm welcome from the employees who worked so hard for the entire year.
  4. Big Christmas bonuses.

Meaning of Bonus & Bonus Definition