What Does Bonding Mean?

The process by which titles are written.

Many companies, mostly general contractors, temporary employment agencies, cleaning companies and companies with public contracts, need performance guarantees by law or consumers.

Meanings of Bonding

  1. Build relationships with someone based on shared feelings, interests, or experiences.

  2. The process of gripping objects with glue, heat or pressure, or chemical bonding.

  3. Delivery of taxable goods to customs.

  4. With the work of tightly attached objects, especially with adhesive, heat or pressure

  5. The task or effect is to establish a relationship with someone based on shared feelings, interests, or experiences.

Sentences of Bonding

  1. We are friends with each other but it has nothing to do with it

  2. Combining metals with non-metals

  3. Your song link

Synonyms of Bonding

gum , glue , paste , fix , fuse , stickum , bind , connect

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