Definition of Bond:

  1. Construction: A tripartite agreement (also called offer bonus, guarantee bond or guarantee) in which the party (guarantee, usually a bank or insurance company) agreement assures the client that the business (lender) is all If the debtor fails to comply with the terms of the agreement, the guarantee is paid to the customer as compensation (agreed in the agreement and referred to as compensation). Guarantee is not an insurance policy and if it is withdrawn from the lender, the money will be recovered from the lender's guarantee.

  2. Governments (at all levels) and companies often use bonds to borrow money. The government will have to pay for roads, schools, dams or other infrastructure. It may be necessary to raise funds from the sudden cost of the war.

  3. Agreement with the power of law.

  4. Strong gravity that holds atoms together in molecules or crystals after the sharing or transfer of electrons.

  5. Bonds are fixed income instruments that are loans that investors make to borrowers (usually companies or governments). The link can be viewed as I.O.U. Between lenders and lenders who understand the details of the loan and its repayment. These bonds are used by companies, local, state and autonomous governments to finance projects and works. The security holder is the issuer's creditors or lenders. The details of the liabilities include the closing date on which the lender owes the liability and, in general, the terms of the loan or variable interest payments made by the borrower.

  6. Law: (1) Notice of Appeal is issued by a failed party to suspend the execution of the decision of the lower court unless the appeal of the party against this decision is made by the High Court. Security 2 The security deposit is maintained by the defendant as a guarantee of retention when requested. () Legal guarantees issued by the plaintiff to compensate the court or government agency for damages incurred in legal proceedings.

  7. Add or glue anything else, especially glue, heat or pressure.

  8. A signed and written promise to pay a certain amount on a certain date or on certain conditions. All documentary loan agreements and contracts are promises.

  9. Trade: Importer's bank guarantee (total value does not exceed the bank guarantee) for immediate delivery of unloaded goods without payment of fees and taxes. The warranty provides a fixed period during which the importer is required to provide the required documents and collect fees and taxes. See also attached property.

  10. Connect or be bound by chemical restrictions.

  11. Summary for bond paper.

  12. Stack in an overlapping pattern to form a strong structure.

  13. The model in which bricks are placed to guarantee the strength of the resulting structure.

  14. Something used to tie or attach something.

  15. Storage (taxable goods)

  16. Securities: A loan instrument that proves an agreement between a lender (issuing a security) and a trustee (security) based on a fidelity agreement. The issuer (company, government, city) promises to repay the principal amount of the loan (principal value of the bonds) to the bondholders at a fixed time (maturity) and at a fixed interest over the term of the bonds.

    Alternatively, some securities are sold at a price lower than the face value and from time to time the L.A. no. Upon maturity, the total value is paid to the security holders. Bonds are issued in multiples of $ 1,000, usually for a period of five to twenty years. However, some government bonds are issued for only 90 days. Most bonds can be exchanged freely. Market prices mainly depend on the rating given by the rating agency for securities based on the issuer's credibility and financial strength. There are two advantages to investing in bonds: (1) a well-known rate of interest income and (2) unlike other bonds, there is considerable pressure on the company to pay due to strict default penalties. The main disadvantage is that it is a level of fixed income and can be eliminated by inflation. Companies use bonds to finance acquisitions or equity investments. Governments use bonds to fulfill election promises, finance long-term investment projects, or raise funds for special situations such as natural disasters or war.

Synonyms of Bond

Intimacy, Assented bond, Mortgage, Subscribe to, Filiation, Attach, Security, Fix, Annuity bond, Actuary, Homology, Deferred bond, Coupon bond, Parol contract, Hold together, Marine insurance, Collateral trust bond, Understanding, Trueness, Conjunction, Term insurance, Stick, Clasping, Business life insurance, Put together, Assumed bond, Piece together, Comprise, Government bond, Include, Put in pawn, Convertible debenture, Joining, Allegiance, Gag, Pair, Joinder, Marry, Put up, Homage, Stocks, Guaranteed bond, Nonnegotiable bond, Confluence, Conjugate, Accouple, Current income bond, Span, Credit life insurance, Connection, Bonds, Assurance, Series E bond, Spout, Nexus, Pledge, Handcuffs, Revenue bond, Sponsor, Merger, Agglutinate, Relations, Adjustment bond, Equipment trust, Bridge over, Marriage, Bona fides, Consolidated stock, Attest, Equipment bond, Coupon rate, Assemblage, Hostage, Debenture bond, Congeries, Dealings, Promise, Covenant of indemnity, Connect, Insurance broker, Take in, Earnest, Staunchness, Federal Agency bond, Jointure, Back, Insurance, Insurance policy, Convention, Ironclad agreement, Connectedness, Tape, Irons, Reins, Unsecured bond, Glue, Conglomeration, Pairing, Strait-waistcoat, Income bond, Cuffs, Warrant, Cords, Baby bond, Constancy, Permit bond, Pledge, Weld, Leash, Hookup, Vow, Union contract, Connective, Trammel, Solder, Impignorate, Adjunct, Countersecure, Second mortgage bond, Gyves, Stick, Chain, Glue, Deduction, Escrow, Word of honour, Mutual company, Formal agreement, Indemnity, Endorse, Trust indenture, Affinity, Manacle, Bail bond, Registered certificate, Covenant, Contract by deed, Camisole, Stand up for, Mutual attraction, Chains, Tie-in, Symbiosis, Encompass, Adhesion, Embrace, Assurance, Copulate, Ligation, Stranglehold, Fidelity insurance, Theft insurance, Associate, Liaison, Wage contract, Bracketing, Treasury bond, Solder, Optional bond, Contract quasi, Refunding bond, Contract of record, Alliance, Negotiable bond, Insurance agent, Government insurance, Pillory, Agglutination, Sympathy, Tax-free bond, Attachment, Pact, Merge, Concatenation, Tether, Conjugation, Clinging, Trammels, Indent, Accumulate, Warranty, Good faith, Sign for, Annuity, Replevy, Paction, Coupling, Employment contract, Discount bond, Combination, Paste, Linkage, Certify, Binding agreement, Zipping, Industrial life insurance, Bonne foi, Title deed, Gathering, Fetter, Vadimonium, Sign, Liability insurance, Hock, Meeting, Bond anticipation note, Vadium, Stake, Deep-discount bond, Fastener, Guaranty, Savings bond, Equipment trust bond, Constraints, Casualty insurance, Relationship, Troth, Cartel, Join, Contiguity, Dicker, Gage, Deed poll, Health insurance, Relation, Appreciation bond, Splice, Mutual agreement, Bearer certificate, Par bond, Ties, Consortium, Agreement, Secured bond, Promise, Flood insurance, Seconds, Consolidated annuities, Adherence, Link, Fastening, Collective agreement, State bond, Hopples, Legal agreement, Hobbles, Agglomeration, Join, Merging, Trustee mortgage bond, Mainprise, Ocean marine insurance, Specialty, License bond, Yoking, Deductible, Cover, Convertible bond, Restraint, Mortgage bond, Gum, Ropes, Weld, Shackle, War bond, Interinsurance, Put in hock, Communication, Endowment insurance, Indenture, Certificate of insurance, Devotion, Relatedness, Convergence, Cement, Connect, Band, Credit insurance, Concurrence, Tieing, Recognizance, Affairs, Straightjacket, Checks, Yield to maturity, Premium bond, Defense bond, Roll into one, Shackles, Stand behind, First mortgage bond, Aviation insurance, Stock company, Devotedness, Tie-up, Cling, Guarantee, Equipment trust certificate, Knot, Corporate bond, Firsts, Oregon boat, Nominal rate, Bridle, Ligament, Bind, Stocks and bonds, Mortgage deed, Annexation, Tax anticipation note, Municipal bond, Engagement, Underwriter, Ensure, Assemble, Bracket, Collect, Deposit, Interchangeable bond, Controls, Corporation stock, Addition, Contract, Replevin, Word, Clustering, Mass, Secure, Social security, Hamper, Undertaking, Approximation, Fuse, Interlinking, Purchase money bond, Articulate, Handsel, Bearer bond, Current yield, Court bond, Deed, Pawn, Bridge, Treaty, Underwrite, Couple, Debenture, Gather, Faithfulness, Insure, Small bond, Affix, Conjoin, Oath, Policy, Solemn word, General obligation bond, Bilbo, Deal, Participating bond, Arrangement, True blue, Unify, Ginnie Mae, Accident insurance, Leading strings, Intercourse, Equipment note, Guarantee, Undersign, Stipulation, Aggregation, Series H bond, Definitive bond, Insurance company, Token payment, Limited payment insurance, Avowal, Hypothecate, League, Concatenate, Lashing, Nearness, Clap together, Group policy, Intercommunication, Perpetual bond, Stick together, Hooking, General mortgage bond, Promissory note, Accord, Union, Deed of trust, Mobilize, Interrelationship, Steadfastness, Formal contract, Bind, Covenant of salt, Closeness, Contrariety, Sticking, Fetters, Fidelity, Secure, Family maintenance policy, Conglobulate, Registered bond, Unite, Faith, Bargain, Implied contract, Unification, Junction, Cohesion, Consols, Firmness, Articulation, Major medical insurance, Coherence, Post, Joint bond, Specialty contract, Be sponsor for, Fealty, Loyalty, Pignus, Propinquity, Muzzle, Combine, Bottomry, Vinculum, Lump together, Binding, Association, Fasten, Girding, Concourse, Affixation, Bail, Go bail, Legal contract, Proximity, Lay together, Extended bond, Linking, Amass, Surety, Callable bond, Transaction, Copulation, Assure, Collar, Voting bond, Earnest money, Fidelity bond, Cohere, Confirm, Affiliation, Knotting, Interim bond, Malpractice insurance, Yoke, High-grade bond, Rapport, Fraternal insurance, Protocol, Fannie Mae, Robbery insurance, Compact, Adhesive, Insurance man, Halter, Similarity, Special contract, Disjunction, Marshal, Valid contract, Restraints, Ligature, Tie, Straitjacket, Cement

How to use Bond in a sentence?

  1. Marriage as a legal bond may be old, but I doubt it.
  2. The woman searches for the titles that the man signed and says he will receive the agreed amount the next day.
  3. Neutral molecules are attached to the central nucleus.
  4. The strongest spread was drum-shaped and consisted of stones attached to layers of horizontal red tiles.
  5. Press content to join layers.
  6. Each carbon atom uses three electrons to bond with a neighboring atom.
  7. Jumping stretcher
  8. Bonds are units of corporate bonds issued by companies and are secured as negotiable assets.
  9. He pulled the tie that was open.
  10. Bonds are considered a source of fixed income because they traditionally pay a fixed rate (coupon) to borrowers. Variable or variable interest rates are now common.
  11. When my grandmother bought me a one-dollar investment bond, she didn't think it would be worth a thousand dollars thirty years later.
  12. Bonds have a maturity date with a mandatory payment of a principal.
  13. It may be necessary to sell or merge assets to provide liquidity to pay this tax.
  14. Oliver's construction team has a history of success and full confidence, but the company's CFO has always insisted that the bank borrow to complete the project.
  15. Bond prices are inversely linked to interest rates: When interest rates rise, bond prices fall and vice versa.

Meaning of Bond & Bond Definition