Bond Futures

Bond Futures,

Bond Futures:

  • Future bonds are financial derivatives which require the contract holder to buy or sell the bonds on a specific date. Bond futures are traded on futures exchanges and are bought or sold through brokers that offer futures trading. The terms of the contract (price and expiration date) are determined at the time of future purchase or sale.

    • Futures are contracts that the contract holder can buy bonds today at a certain price.
    • Bond futures contracts are traded on futures exchanges and are bought and sold through brokers that offer futures trading.
    • Sutulators use bond futures to place bets on bond prices or hedges in order to protect the bonds they hold.
    • Future bonds are used to trade indirectly against fluctuations in interest rates.

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Meanings of Bond:
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Meanings of Futures:
  1. The time after speaking or writing has not yet come.

  2. Agreements for assets (including goods or shares) that are purchased at a fixed price, but are then supplied and paid for.

  3. At some point in the future, it may or may not exist.

Sentences of Futures
  1. We intend to marry Caesar soon

  2. This includes buying and selling futures or options on stocks, bonds or currencies.

Synonyms of Futures

coming, time to come, subsequent, ensuing, time ahead, upcoming, following, later, succeeding, to come