Bona Fide Sub-Contractor

Bona Fide Sub-Contractor,

What is The Definition of Bona Fide Sub-Contractor?

Bona Fide Sub-Contractor can be defined as, There are two types of subcontractors. Work exclusively with contractors and subcontractors. The first type of subcontractor is described in this subcontractor dictionary (jobs only).

Literal Meanings of Bona Fide Sub-Contractor


Meanings of Contractor:
  1. An individual or legal entity that enters into an agreement to provide materials or labor for the performance of services or tasks.

Sentences of Contractor
  1. Contractor

  2. External subcontractors can provide services at a higher cost without losing quality.

  3. Jill Russell condemns the use of private contractors to provide substandard food.

  4. In short, the government hires private contractors to carry out public works.

  5. The site is owned by Wagon Council but is currently managed by a contracting company.

  6. The children were outraged when they learned that the contractor would only provide a recycling bin for a fee.

  7. He started at Walton Mine in 1958 before getting a job at a mining company.

  8. The most efficient service providers are usually the cheapest, so abbreviations can be used.

  9. The city's construction company provided a fence to keep the area safe, and the surface is now being repaired.

  10. It will also improve home care services purchased by independent contractors.

  11. So the company he worked for decided that a rental partner would provide all the laptops.

Synonyms of Contractor

dealer, financier, manager, trader, impresario, promoter, speculator, arranger, venture capitalist, partner, businessman, businesswoman, entrepreneur, director, fixer