Bomboncito Meaning

Bomboncito Meaning

If you speak Spanish ... what does ocito mean? 3

A chic Mexican called me like that and asked me what it meant ... so can anyone help me? What does OCito mean in English?

That means he likes you. There is a marshmallow in Spanish, but girls use the word to call boys cute.

In spanish

We are not marshmallows, it is full of glue.

He calls you Oncito as a compliment, which means you are sweet and kind, short quotes like My Sweetheart or My Lover

He refers to you (a boy) as a cute or sweet thing. Sweet things or sweet language

The quote explains the masculine meaning.

You can love with your own hands!

Bomboncito Meaning

Bomboncito Meaning

oncito / on = candy, candy, ni

I can handle Spanish but not very well but this is the language for candy.

This candy looks like candy. That means you are very sweet and lovely.

You can go, but first you have to know how to spell it because you can spell it wrong, but I think that means funny.

Marshmallow, it's a little like a baby.


If you mean, it means.

Bomboncito Meaning