Bombom Caribe

Bombom Caribe

Why is there only one ohm carib in Garuto's onbox?

نوسا !!!!

This week I thought about it.

Because America belongs to the people of the United States, I already like it or the Caribbean, and only one comes.

Very unreasonable

I'm glad to see your prata and know I'm just an egg with it.

That banana om © r melr !!!

Are we going to email the child and make him angry or why is this injustice so delicious Caribbean?

Agora nowhere.




Thank you for the taste, not just yours, more than many Caribbean lovers, I made dinner for the packing of Garuto! Whether I know it or not: Banana ice, which can be found in supermarkets.

Have a great time! lol

In Garuto's yellow box it's called Celero Cone, especially because of its uniqueness, like your wonderful Caribbean On. It has either our customers get features regardless of size, shape and mr, no, or we give you a normal line at our checkout in two supermarkets.

Caixinha Amarela became the famous Still Mas Deois, adopted by Ccolates Garoto or had to sell Tom PublicitÃÂário € € olateà (or + chocolate) seriously. A means of communication in which one person has worked for a long time, filming more than 30 silk garments, used and expensive advertising campaigns for children and youth for the public. Many children have discovered the opposite of advertising, which is up to 2 minutes long, which is undoubtedly a resurrection or childhood resurrection.

God bless your little brother, then you with a sharp face â â â Re ally ally ally ally ally Co Co ally ally or spit it out.

Currently, a boy is only dedicated to economic ruin and rejects the box of common, shared characteristics. So little space for a Jaguar like the Caribbean, for example, frustrating or consuming.

To resolve this frustration or child, try to initiate package disputes for a specific Mr., such as Carib and Opera. It often has a saturating effect. For example, create a passionate Caribbean fan or opera, enjoy it and be disappointed in some icon tempo.

Don't love, but if you got a box or Caribbean please see it !!! Corn at Teacher Om!

ac qu8e And because not everyone is afraid of the same thing, just like you! Peas in my opinion he is not very good and my preference is baton he is honey and waist hair minus two!

You start looking for flavors.

Bombom Caribe

Bombom Caribe

Because very few people miss it. In most cases, as you can see, the preference is a good chocolate, strawberry or peanut filling, for example banana, isn't that true?

That's why either the poor Caribbean always stays or just stays in the box, you just come and go.

Bombom Caribe