Definition of Boilerplate:

  1. Boilerplate documents are commonly used for efficiency and to increase standardization in the structure and language of legal documents, such as contracts, investment prospectuses, and bond indentures.

  2. Standard legal language (the fine print) used by banks, insurance companies, landlords, service providers, vendors, etc., and printed often on the back of common insurance, loan, and tenancy agreements, and bills, invoices, receipts, etc. Boilerplate clauses are drawn from the long legal experience of big firms, and normally cannot be negotiated by the client or customer. See also adhesion contract and template.

  3. Smooth, overlapping, and undercut slabs of rock.

  4. The term boilerplate or boilerplate text refers to text, or a standardized document, method, or procedure. "Boilerplating" is sometimes used disparagingly to refer to a lack of originality or sincere effort. In the field of contract law, documents containing boilerplate language, or language that is considered generic or standard in contracts. This may include something like an incumbency certificate, for example.

  5. Writing that is clichéd or expresses a generally accepted opinion or belief.

  6. Rolled steel for making boilers.

  7. Ready made content, design, or format that fits a variety of uses.

How to use Boilerplate in a sentence?

  1. My friend facilitated the boilerplate text method when he was building his app, so he could reuse this unit of writing over and over.
  2. The same dreary boilerplate he’s been dishing up for years.
  3. Boilerplate language is often standardized text you'd find across a variety of documents.
  4. The man used a typical boilerplate he found online to create a contract for rental agreement, which he used when renting the apartment.
  5. The term is used in the computer world when describing code used in various programs.
  6. Boilerplate texts are often part of templates that are easily filled in and personalized.
  7. As a software developer in the early 2000s, I learned a lot about writing boilerplate code in a reusable way so that I wouldnt have to keep repeating the same work.
  8. Although some iron, steel, boilerplate, and machinery was smuggled through the blockade, the flow was meager and uncertain.

Meaning of Boilerplate & Boilerplate Definition