Boiler & Machinery Or Equipment Breakdown & Machinery

Boiler & Machinery Or Equipment Breakdown & Machinery,

What Does Boiler & Machinery Or Equipment Breakdown & Machinery Mean?

  • You can define Boiler & Machinery Or Equipment Breakdown & Machinery as, Coverage in case of failure of boilers, motors and other electrical appliances. Benefits include (i) direct damage to the insured property as a result of an accident, (ii) temporary repair and transportation costs and (iii) liability for damage to other people's property. Insurance coverage also includes equipment inspections.

Literal Meanings of Boiler & Machinery Or Equipment Breakdown & Machinery


Meanings of Boiler:
  1. A fuel device or container for heating water.

  2. Devices that supply hot water or central heating.

  3. A tank to generate pressure steam in a steam engine.

  4. Metal jars for washing or disinfecting at very high temperatures.

  5. The chicken is only suitable for cooking.


Meanings of Machinery:
  1. Machines collectively.

  2. Components of a machine.

Sentences of Machinery
  1. There is a very strong demand for modern electronic machines and devices.

  2. Check out the farm machinery and equipment and farm rental professionals here.

  3. The sale of agricultural machinery and equipment can have unintended tax consequences.

  4. Children should not sit on their knees or move away from agricultural machinery / equipment.

  5. Through global sourcing, companies source resources, components, machinery, financial services and services from around the world.

  6. Federal and state laws require that all ballot boxes and their components be verified before they can be used in elections.

  7. He added that strong FDI in China supported the good demand for supply of machinery and components.

  8. Can you recommend a misleading statement, for example, that a supervisor cannot operate heavy machinery or motor vehicles?

  9. To what extent does marijuana interfere with certain activities, such as driving a car or using machines?

Synonyms of Machinery

mechanism, gears, instruments, tackle, technology, engine, action, structure, movement, tools, motion, works, gadgetry, wheels, vehicle, channel, hardware, gear, motor, apparatus, institution, power source, workings, administration, organization, system, plant, agency, components


Meanings of Or:
  1. Used to add alternatives.

  2. Enter a synonym or explanation for the previous word or phrase.

  3. Other (used to describe inactive or inactive results)

  4. Reflect in the form of questions in general.

  5. it is.

  6. A boolean operator that returns one as one or more operas (or inputs) and otherwise zero.

  7. A circuit that emits an output signal when there is a signal on one of its inputs.

  8. (After much) Almost

  9. Gold or yellow, in heraldic colors.

  10. Operational research.

  11. Oregon (in postal use)

  12. Second rank (as opposed to official).

Sentences of Or
  1. Are you coming or not

  2. I take a taxi or go anywhere

  3. It doesn't matter if the theory is good or bad

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  7. School management must ensure that most students can go to school or ride bicycles.

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  10. In cities and towns, most people wear western pants or jeans and shirts.

  11. Research in New York has shown that men who own dogs or cats have lower blood pressure.

Synonyms of Or

if not, or


Meanings of Equipment:
  1. Items for certain use. Are required.

  2. The process of providing equipment or something to someone for a specific purpose

  3. Mental Resources

  4. Male genitals.

Sentences of Equipment
  1. Gym with state-of-the-art equipment

  2. Like many readers, he knows all the machines, tools and equipment of the old ride.

  3. Provided some money for repairing government offices and providing office supplies.

  4. Employees need to take a break from office supplies every one to two hours.

  5. In addition, the association finances itself through fines and contributes to the financing of its equipment, offices and employees.

  6. I think they took the rest of the office and gave it to me.

  7. All ski essentials can be rented at reasonable prices.

  8. Audio devices and battery chargers can be switched between radios.

  9. They also have the option to access a wide range of office tools to assist in the research and development of their ideas.

Synonyms of Equipment

appliances, impedimenta, articles, paraphernalia


Meanings of Breakdown:
  1. Mechanical failure.

  2. Relationship or system failure.

  3. Sudden destruction in your mind.

  4. Chemical or physical damage from something.

  5. Explanatory analysis including statistics.

  6. A vibrant and vibrant American country dance.

Sentences of Breakdown
  1. Most JWRC competitors suffered mechanical damage, punctures or accidents.

  2. But the plan will also have a lot of meaning: no jammed buttons or mechanical failures, and no frustrated citizens walking down the hall at night and throwing all the rubbish out without sorting it out.

  3. Scanlin said some mechanical damage could be avoided if the driver inspected the bus properly before driving.

  4. Lack of foresight caused a lot of mechanical damage.

  5. By the way, this week, especially on Tuesday, be on the lookout for mechanical malfunctions.

  6. With good weather and no mechanical damage in your favor, this will be a good crop.

  7. He worked on the construction of the London Eye and was part of a successful rescue team that would be called to the rescue in case of mechanical failure or the threat of terrorism.

  8. I returned after a three-week absence due to a mechanical malfunction at the press and a labor dispute at the Press Union Chapel.

  9. After a mechanical failure, the Clacton Opportunity Center emptied the pool on Friday.

  10. However, in anti-space environments, satellites may fail prematurely due to mechanical malfunctions, damage caused by solar flares, or collisions with rotating debris.

  11. Dumpsters, space battles or mechanical malfunctions can cause floaters of any size to waste space, which can often be feasible.

  12. Gravel began digging holes in the truck's hard rubber tires, and the difficult journey increased mechanical damage.

Synonyms of Breakdown

itemization, foundering, categorization, disintegration, falling through, collapse, division, seizing up, failure, classification, breakdown, dissection, mental collapse, break-up