Definition of Bogey:

  1. A slang term that refers to how well an investment is performing. Stock analysts commonly use the S&P 500 index to figure out the bogey on an investment fund,.

  2. Bogey is a buzzword that refers to a benchmark used to evaluate a fund's performance and risk characteristics. A bogey provides an index benchmark that can serve as a close proxy for comparing the investment scope of a fund.

  3. A bogey refers to a benchmark for a mutual fund that provides the investor with a representative sample of a market segment for which it can compare performance and other characteristics. Benchmarks can be identified and utilized in different ways. Some benchmarks may be relative and set by an investor for comparing their fund to the broad market or other investments across the industry. A bogey typically refers to a specific benchmark that is set by the fund company as a close comparison for the fund itself.

Synonyms of Bogey

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How to use Bogey in a sentence?

  1. Fund companies choose a specific benchmark that can be used as a close comparison tool.
  2. Bogey benchmarks can be used as a comparison for various types of funds in differing ways, depending on the company’s goal.
  3. The term bogey refers to an index benchmark that is useful for evaluating a fund’s performance and risk characteristics.
  4. Passive investment funds, for example, may set a bogey benchmark and seek to replicate the performance of an index.
  5. Other investment companies may set a bogey benchmark as a standard they wish to outperform.

Meaning of Bogey & Bogey Definition