Body Bag Meaning

Body Bag Meaning

Does the different colors of Y bags mean different types of bags? 3


There are a lot of purchased bags and I have seen dark gray.

What is a scholarship?

No, because when y is first put in the bag and you don't usually know anyone. That's what autopsies are for. Unless they pose a serious threat, a particular color may be red.

I do not think so. They only wear what they have because they don't go with a lot of different bags, so I said no.

There, bags are used to store heat so that there is no change in temperature. It always retains heat and not. A sweater makes you feel warmer than E when you go out.

Body Bag Meaning

Body Bag Meaning

I always thought ...

But my brother [ambulance] said no, they are not relatives of any other kind.

No, they use what is being broadcast. Some can be color coded for different heights or weights.

If there is danger, use a different color. I don't know what color it is and yes white and green are the default colors.

No, they only use what they have. In most cases, they only discover the cause when the coroner performs an autopsy or examination.

I doubt it. Different colors can mean different bag sellers.

I only use my wallet. No idea

Body Bag Meaning