Bobbin Not Spinning

Bobbin Not Spinning

Why doesn't the reel spin?

If the roll holder is not positioned correctly, there may be a problem. Another problem is that you can put the coil in the wrong place. If you move the bobbin to the right so that the thread goes in the opposite direction, it may not move easily.

He also asked, does the capsule have to spin?

It has a hook that catches the top thread and pulls it around the bobbin thread, holding the needle and bobbin thread together and forming a seam. You don't have to tie the thread to the silver part yourself. The bobbin moves slightly as you sew, but don't expect it to spin too much.

In addition to the points mentioned above, how is the coil voltage determined?

To release the tension, turn it to the left (counterclockwise). Turn right (clockwise) to increase the tension. If you see the screw as a clock face, do not turn the screw for more than 1015 minutes. Adjusting it one at a time, put the bobbin back into the body and sew.

By the way, why is my coil not working?

If the bobbin thread continues to wind on the wrong side of the fabric, there may be problems with the upper thread tension. If the upper thread tension is too loose, the bobbin thread may not pull properly for perfect sewing.

Why doesn't the machine catch the bobbin thread?

There are several things that can prevent the machine from pulling the bobbin thread. The upper thread can get tangled. Completely remove the thread from the machine. The correct tape measure for the reel size should be used.

Why does my bottom seam curl?

A: A loop on the wrong side or wrong side of the fabric means that the upper thread tension on the bobbin thread is too loose, so the bobbin thread pulls too hard on the underlying upper thread. Tightening the top tension will stop the loops, but the extra tension can cause breakage, especially with delicate threads.

Why doesn't my sewing machine sew?

The machine will skip stitches First check that the needle is positioned correctly, that it is not bent or damaged, and that you are using the correct needle type for your project. If the upper thread does not reach the bobbin, the threads will not lock properly, causing the stitches to fall out.

Why is my sewing machine a bird's nest?

The main source of bird nests or laces is a threaded or misplaced bobbin or bobbin-less embroidery machine operation. Excessive lower thread tension and very loose needle thread tension can cause birds to plumage. Marks are displayed when the embroidery frame bounces up and down during sewing.

How do you adjust the tension on a sewing machine?

Adjust the tip tension if it is too loose. To increase the peak voltage, if it is too slow, turn the knob so that the numbers go up. Try 1/2 to 1 digit lower, then check the spots on a piece of junk. Continue until it is even on both sides and you can no longer see the bobbin thread at the top.

Why does the sewing machine slow down?

Walk slowly at first and then speed up when you feel more confident. Always focus on the setting, not the needle or tip - you move too fast for your eyes to follow you and you can't see the big picture. To create a smooth curve, sew slowly while twisting the fabric with both hands.

Bobbin Not Spinning