Boatowners/Personal Watercraft

Boatowners/Personal Watercraft,

What is The Meaning of Boatowners/Personal Watercraft?

  1. Boatowners/Personal Watercraft can be defined as, Damage to sports boats, engines, trailers, boat equipment and personal boats, as well as liability for personal injury and property damage to third parties.

Literal Meanings of Boatowners/Personal Watercraft


Meanings of Watercraft:
  1. A boat or other vessel that floats on water.

  2. Navigation skills and other activities that take place on the water.

Sentences of Watercraft
  1. The speed and use of small boats and boats has increased dramatically in recent years.

  2. Small tugs also offer large tugs the ability to assist in unloading and unloading all types of ships and vessels and can be used for normal port work.

  3. Sailors and environmentalists agree that the technology deserves a fair trial to reduce collisions between boats and humans, which killed 95 animals last year.

  4. The goal was to equip patrol ships with relatively light, high-angle, direct firearms that could ■■■■■■ ships and shores.

  5. With practice, sea cakes become very lively, stable and fun boats.

  6. The State Aviation Authority plans to approve fuel standards for boats and locomotives on Thursday, another California entry into a territory typically reserved for the federal government.

  7. "Our planes in Central America are responsible for locating and identifying drug-trafficking planes and planes," he said.

  8. Based on their track record of meeting all applicable noise standards, the industry continues to take an aggressive stance in the development of private boots.

  9. Ships and trucks cannot be provided if the customer is operating in enemy territory or if the enemy has cut off all ground contact with the customer.

  10. The operator fell into the water, but the boat kept turning.

  11. When a boat collides with a mantle, you don't usually lose just one.

Synonyms of Watercraft

yacht, craft, watercraft, sailing boat, ship