Definition of Boatman:

  1. An individual who rents out, works on or manages a boat for shipping or charter purposes.

  2. A person who rents out or works on boats.

Synonyms of Boatman

Bargee, Bargeman, Barger, Boat-handler, Boater, Boatsman, Ferrier, Ferryman, Galley slave, Gondolier, Lighterman, Oar, Oarsman, Punter, Rower, Waterman, Yachter, Yachtsman, Seaman, Seafarer, Seafaring man, Mariner

How to use Boatman in a sentence?

  1. Trade on the Barrow was booming with up to 50 boats owned and worked by the Graignamanagh boatmen who worked the navigation system until trade ceased.

Meaning of Boatman & Boatman Definition