Definition of Board:

  1. The provision of regular meals when one stays somewhere, in return for payment or services.

  2. Class of heavyweight paper and other fiberboards thicker than 0.15 millimeter, including boxboard, cardboard, chipboard, containerboard, corrugated board, and linerboard.

  3. A thin, flat piece of wood or other stiff material used for various purposes.

  4. Get on or into (a ship, aircraft, or other vehicle).

  5. Live and receive regular meals in a house in return for payment or services.

  6. Ride on a snowboard.

  7. A long, thin, flat piece of wood or other hard material, used for floors or other building purposes.

  8. A group of people constituted as the decision-making body of an organization.

  9. Flat, long, and thin (less 5 centimeters or 2 inch thick) piece of sawn lumber.

  10. Cover or seal a window, storefront, or other structure with pieces of wood.

  11. A distance covered by a vessel in a single tack.

Synonyms of Board

Lodge, Live, Reside, Have rooms, Be quartered, Be housed, Be settled, Have ones home, Food, Meals, Daily meals, Provisions, Sustenance, Nourishment, Fare, Diet, Menu, Table, Bread, Daily bread, Foodstuffs, Refreshments, Edibles, Plank, Beam, Panel, Slat, Batten, Timber, Length of timber, Piece of wood, Lath, Get on, Enter, Go on board, Go aboard, Step aboard, Climb on, Mount, Ascend, Embark, Cover over, Cover up, Close up, Shut up, Seal, Committee, Council, Panel, Directorate, Commission, Group, Delegation, Delegates, Trustees, Panel of trustees, Convocation, American Stock Exchange, Amex, Areopagus, British Cabinet, C ration, K ration, L, R, Sanhedrin, US Cabinet, Wall Street, Aboard, Accommodate, Accommodation, Accommodations, Acting area, Advisers, Advisory body, Allotment, Allowance, Ambo, Apron, Apron stage, Assembly, Association, Back, Backstage, Band shell, Bandstand, Bank, Bar, Beam, Bed, Bed and board, Bench, Bestow, Bestraddle, Bestride, Billet, Board and room, Board of directors, Board of regents, Board of trustees, Boarding, Body of advisers, Boom, Border, Bordure, Borough council, Bourse, Brain trust, Bread, Bread and butter, Break bread with, Breakfast, Brick, Bridge, Brim, Brink, Brow, Buffet, Cabinet, Cadre, Camarilla, Care for, Cast loose, Chamber, Cheer, Cherish, City council, Clap on ratlines, Clapboard, Clear hawse, Climb on, Coast, College board, Comestibles, Committee, Commodity exchange, Common council, Commons, Conference, Congress, Consultative assembly, Cook out, Cord, Cordwood, Corn pit, Coulisse, Council, Council fire, Council of ministers, Council of state, Council of war, Counter, County council, Court, Creature comfort, Cuisine, Curb, Curb exchange, Curb market, Curia, Cut loose, Daily bread, Deal, Deliberative assembly, Desk, Diet, Dine, Dine out, Dinner, Directorate, Directors, Directorship, Directory, Divan, Dock, Domicile, Dressing room, Driftwood, Eat, Eat out, Eatables, Edge, Edibles, Embark, Embark on, Embus, Emergency rations, Emplane, Enplane, Enter, Entertain, Entertainment, Entrain, Escalade, Escritoire, Exchange, Exchange floor, Executive arm, Executive committee, Executive hierarchy, Face, Facilities, Fare, Fast food, Feast, Featheredge, Feed, Field rations, Firewood, Flange, Flies, Fly floor, Fly gallery, Fodder, Food, Food and drink, Foodstuff, Footlights, Forage, Foray, Forestage, Forum, Frame, Fringe, Furnish accommodations, Get in, Get on, Glass, Glaze, Go aboard, Go on board, Go on shipboard, Governing board, Governing body, Grass, Gratify, Graze, Greenroom, Grid, Gridiron, Hardwood, Haul, Haul down, Health food, Heave, Heave apeak, Heave round, Heave short, Hem, Hop in, House, Hut, Infrastructure, Ingesta, Inquisition, Inroad, Interlocking directorate, Inundate, Invade, Judicatory, Judicature, Judiciary, Jump in, Junk food, Junta, Kedge, Keep, Kitchen cabinet, Kitchen stuff, Labellum, Labium, Labrum, Lath, Lathing, Lathwork, Lay, Lay aloft, Lectern, Ledge, Legislature, Lightboard, Limb, Limbus, Lip, List, Live, Lodge, Lodgings, Log, Lumber, Lunch, Mahogany, Make a raid, Make an inroad, Management, Marge, Margin, Meal, Meals, Meat, Mess, Mess with, Mount, Nurture, On, On board, Orchestra, Orchestra pit, Outside market, Over-the-counter market, Overwhelm, Panel, Panelboard, Paneling, Panelwork, Paper, Parish council, Pasture, Performing area, Picnic, Pile in, Pit, Plank, Planking, Plyboard, Plywood, Pole, Post, Privy council, Proscenium, Proscenium stage, Provender, Provision, Provisions, Puncheon, Put to sea, Put up, Quarter, Quotation board, Ragged edge, Raid, Rations, Ratline down, Refection, Refreshment, Regale, Regalement, Repas, Repast, Revet, Rim, Room, Satisfy, Scale, School board, Secretaire, Secretary, Selvage, Shake, Sheathe, Sheathing, Sheathing board, Sheeting, Shell, Shingle, Shore, Short commons, Side, Sideboard, Sideline, Siding, Skirt, Slab, Slat, Slate, Softwood, Soviet, Spar down, Splat, Spread, Staff, Stage, Stage left, Stage right, Stand, Stave, Stay, Steering committee, Stick, Stick of wood, Stock exchange, Stock market, Stock ticker, Stone, Storm, Stovewood, Stream the log, Subsistence, Sup, Sustain, Sustenance, Switchboard, Syndicate, Synod, Table, Take by storm, Take ship, Telephone market, Tend, Thatch, The Big Board, The Exchange, The Inquisition, The administration, The boards, The brass, The executive, The people upstairs, The stage, Theater, Third market, Three-by-four, Ticker, Ticker tape, Tile, Timber, Timbering, Timberwork, Top brass, Traverse a yard, Treat, Tribunal, Trustees, Tucker, Two-by-four, Unlash, Veneer, Verge, Viands, Victuals, Vittles, Wall in, Wall up, Wallpaper, Warp, Weatherboard, Weigh anchor, Wheat pit, Wine and dine, Wings, Wood, Workbench, Writing table

How to use Board in a sentence?

  1. When were not boarding, were skiing.
  2. He sits on the board of directors.
  3. The cousins boarded for a while with Ruby.
  4. If you are working in a kitchen it is important to always use a cutting board to not damage any of the counter tops.
  5. Ive checked the boards, the panels and the wiring.
  6. There was a poster board he used to make his speech to the team. His presentation was visually and aesthetically pleasing.
  7. I was elected chairman of the board and it would allow me to make changes to the company that I never could before.
  8. The shop was still boarded up.
  9. Loose boards creaked as I walked on them.
  10. We boarded the plane for Oslo.
  11. Your room and board will be free.

Meaning of Board & Board Definition

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