Board of trustees

Board of trustees,

Definition of Board of trustees:

  1. The board of directors usually consists of key people who are involved in the management of the organization. Other people in the field of organizational management can be nominated or selected based on their experience and knowledge. The Board of Directors usually consists of internal and external directors.

  2. The Board of Directors is a group of appointed or elected persons who have full responsibility for the management of the organization. The Board of Directors is usually the governing body of an organization and seeks to ensure the best interests of stakeholders in all administrative decisions.

  3. Board members of non-profit organizations (NPOs), such as charities, funds or universities. Appoint (not elected) board members to formulate organizational policies and appoint (and dismiss) officers. According to the collective responsibility theory, the entire board is responsible for financing the organization's activities and other outcomes.

How to use Board of trustees in a sentence?

  1. You should always try to keep your own board happy to know that it will be there to help you at the right time.
  2. He did not trust the board, although their names somehow meant he had to trust them.
  3. The Board of Directors makes recommendations for the treatment of stakeholders in newly discovered assets.
  4. The board of directors is responsible for running the organization.
  5. The board of directors is similar to a board of directors, but it usually takes place in a private organization.
  6. The Director maintains the welfare of the interested parties.

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