• A certified physician is one who has successfully completed a training program and diagnostic process approved by the American Board of Medical Specialties, with the knowledge, skills, and skills necessary to provide high quality patient care in a particular field. And tests to evaluate the experience.

Literal Meanings of Board-certified


Meanings of Board:
  1. Boarding or boarding (plane, plane or other vehicle)

  2. Stay at home for a fee or service and receive regular meals.

  3. Cover or cover shop windows, shop windows or other structures with pieces of wood.

  4. Ride on a snowboard.

  5. A long, thin, flat piece of wood or other hard material used for flooring or other construction purposes.

  6. Thin, flat pieces of wood or other hard materials used for other purposes.

  7. A group of people forms the decision-making body of an organization.

  8. Regular food delivery anywhere during payment or establishment of services

  9. Spaced a distance by plane.

Sentences of Board
  1. We fly to Oslo

  2. The cousin went out with Ruby for a while

  3. The store is still blocked

  4. When I'm not on the boat, skiing

  5. Loose board cracks when I walk on it

  6. I checked the boards, panels and cables.

Synonyms of Board

slat, climb on, embark, panel of trustees, lath, group, daily meals, diet, daily bread, council, step aboard, ascend, length of timber, table, provisions, refreshments, plank, convocation, foodstuffs, food, batten, go aboard, mount, trustees, cover up, beam, piece of wood, live, committee, have one's home


Meanings of Certified:
  1. Formally recognized to meet certain qualifications or certain standards.