Definition of Blurb:

  1. Publishers summary and recommendation of a book, printed usually on the front flap of the books dust jacket, or in an advertisement or catalog.

  2. A short description of a book, movie, or other product written for promotional purposes and appearing on the cover of a book or in an advertisement.

  3. Write or contribute a blurb for (a book, movie, or other product).

Synonyms of Blurb

PR, Acknowledgment, Appreciation, Ballyhoo, Boost, Bright light, Buildup, Celebrity, Commendation, Common knowledge, Cry, Currency, Daylight, Eclat, Exposure, Fame, Famousness, Glare, Good word, Honorable mention, Hoopla, Hue and cry, Hype, Limelight, Maximum dissemination, Notoriety, Plug, Press notice, Promotion, Public eye, Public knowledge, Public relations, Public report, Publicity, Publicity story, Publicness, Puff, Puffing, Reclame, Recognition, Report, Spotlight, Write-up, Publicize, Make public, Make known, Give publicity to, Bill, Post, Announce, Broadcast, Proclaim, Trumpet, Shout from the rooftops, Give notice of, Call attention to, Promulgate, Notice, Announcement, Bulletin

How to use Blurb in a sentence?

  1. Indian, not Native American, is how his book blurbs describe him: in one short story in this collection a character dryly observes that ‘Native American’ is an oxymoron.

Meaning of Blurb & Blurb Definition