Blue-sky Law

Blue-sky Law,

Blue-sky Law means,

  1. Blue-sky Law means: A law in the United States to protect the public from buying counterfeit bonds.

Literal Meanings of Blue-sky Law


Meanings of Blue:
  1. Be it blue or blue.

  2. (White shirt) Wash with a blue dye.

  3. Color or blue pigment.

  4. In small butterflies where males are mainly blue while females are usually brown.

  5. Colors between green and purple, like the sky or the sea on a sunny day.

  6. (A person or mood) sad, depressed or depressed.

  7. (From movies, jokes or stories) with sexual or obscene material.

  8. Really religious or pure morality.

  9. Wasting (money) or wasting it carelessly.

Sentences of Blue
  1. Light fades and the retina turns blue

  2. They make shirts and strengthen uniforms

  3. She is dressed in blue

  4. Blue men are more attracted to these yellow bushes.

  5. Clear blue sky

Synonyms of Blue

indigo, gloomy, azure, coarse, sapphire, cerulean, racy, raw, Oxford blue, unhappy, dejected, cast down, dispirited, disheartened, morose, bawdy, rude, aquamarine, saxe blue, low-spirited, improper, heavy-hearted, cobalt blue, ribald, lapis lazuli, turquoise, down


Meanings of Sky:
  1. Hit the ball really high.

  2. Earth-visible atmosphere and space.

Sentences of Sky
  1. Hundreds of stars shining in the sky

Synonyms of Sky

the atmosphere, the stratosphere, the skies, airspace


Meanings of Law:
  1. A system of rules that a particular country or community has recognized as the actions of its members and can be enforced through sanctions.

  2. Rules that describe the right behavior or conduct in a game.

  3. A statement of facts, derived from observation, is that whenever certain conditions are satisfied, there is a certain natural or scientific tendency.

  4. The order of God's commandments is expressed in the Bible or other religious texts.

  5. A mound, usually round or conical.

Sentences of Law
  1. Law breaking case

  2. Sports Law

  3. The Second Amendment Law

  4. Morally, Simon was probably an antinomian, an enemy of Old Testament law.

  5. Today I took a good walk through the law of Northbrook

Synonyms of Law

regulation, system of laws, ethic, instruction, certitude, elevation, prescription, rules and regulations, direction, charter, mound, hummock, body of laws, formula, criterion, credo, high ground, hillock, mount, directive, rising ground, fact, standard