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How To Define Blue Book?

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The Blue Book or Kelly Blue Book is a guide that collects and reports the prices of new and used cars and other Mac, model and other types of vehicles. Les Kelly Dealer in Los Angeles first published Blu's book in 1926 and was initially only available to the automotive industry, but a consumer edition and an online edition were made available to the general public in the 1920s. The Blue Book offers a reasonable price range that indicates the price range that a car buyer pays for a particular car by Mac, model, style and year.

  • The Blue Book, also known as Kelly's Blue Book, is a popular and reliable guide to car prices in North America.
  • The Blue Book shows car buyers and sellers the same price that other people have paid to buy the same Mac, model, year, mileage and used car.
  • The Blue Book examines the value of private inventory, resale value, recommended retail price and certified price (CPO) of used cars.
  • The Blue Box can also help car buyers determine the possible future costs of owning a car, such as: B fuel, maintenance, repairs and insurance costs.

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Blue Book,

What is The Definition of Blue Book?

  • Publication used for pricing used cars and trucks. The full name of the publication is Kelly Blue Book.

Literal Meanings of Blue Book


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