Blue Bayou Lockers

Blue Bayou Lockers

How much does a locker cost at Blue Bayou?

| Lockers cost $ 10 BUT you get some of your money back if you return the key (I think it's $ 5 but can't remember exactly) or someone might have a bad day.

With that in mind, how much does Blue Bayou pay per hour?

Don't expect a minimum wage. Get paid $ 6.00 per hour.

Do Blue Bayou tickets expire?

No expiration date is given, so some assume they are valid. I think blue bayou should really honor them, but they are very happy with it.

Also asked, does Blue Bayou accept debit cards?

Daily admission All those who enter the park must pay the entrance fee. We accept credit cards or cash.

Does Blue Bayou offer military discounts?

They offer a military discount as long as the active member receives it for free. And if you bring a can of Coke, you get $ 5 off. If you come back the next day, day 2 is free, except for the military.

Does Blue Bayou sell alcohol?

No. No alcohol in Disneyland Park in general. Jenny, Blue Bayou doesn't serve alcohol.

At what age does Blue Bayou work?

at least 15 years old

What is Blue Bayou?

The Blue Bayou was a quiet Louisiana bayou. It was the location of many huts and a mysterious passage leading to Dead Mans Cove.

Who Owns Blue Bayou?

Blue Bayou and Dixie Landin

What day does Blue Bayou open?

Saturday 16 May we open for the 2020 season. We start our daily work on Friday 22 May.

Does Disney World have the blue bayou?

Blue Bayou has been Disneyland's most popular restaurant for many years due to its nighttime atmosphere overlooking the Pirates of the Caribbean. The San Angel Inn is Walt Disney World's Blue Bayou, and while the Gran Fiesta Tour doesn't have the same seal of approval as the Pirates, the experience here is just as good.

When was Blue Bayou written?

Blue Bayou is the title of a song by Roy Orbison and Joe Melson. It was originally sung and recorded by Orbison, who celebrated international success with its 1963 version. It later became the flagship of Linda Ronstadt, who won a cartographic hit with the 1977 cover of Blue Bayou.

How much does the Blue Bayou cost?

$$$ ($ 35 to $ 59.99 per adult) The area excludes alcoholic beverages, taxes and gratuities, with the exception of dinner shows, which include beer and wine, tax and tips.

Does Blue Bayou have a dress code?

There is no dress code in restaurants at Disney hotel parks, except for the basic rule for shoes and shirts. Now you see some lightly dressed people who usually eat at Blue Bayou or Club 33. Jeans and a T-shirt are fine.

How many acres does Blue Bayou have?

80 hectares

Blue Bayou Lockers