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Bloomberg Terminal,

Bloomberg Terminal: What is the Meaning of Bloomberg Terminal?

  1. The Bloomberg Terminal is a computer system that gives investors access to Bloomberg's data service, which provides real-time financial data, news and world news. Investors can also use Bloomberg's Terminal Trading System to facilitate the placement of financial transactions such as stocks and options transactions. Bloomberg charges an annual subscription fee, which includes the cost of a proprietary e-commerce system that costs between 20,000 and 24 24,000 per year.

    • Developed by businessman Michael Bloomberg, the Bloomberg Terminal is a popular hardware and software system that gives investors access to real-time market data, investment analysis and proprietary trading platforms.
    • Due to the relatively high cost, Bloomberg terminals are widely used by large institutional investors, portfolio managers and financial analysts.
    • Bloomberg offers independent stock research to investors with over 1,500 resources, charting tools and business analytics for buyers and sellers.
    • Bloomberg's main competitor is Thomson Reuters, which offers Akon, a suite of software products designed to help investors analyze and trade financial markets.
    • Bloomberg and Reuters compete with other companies that offer similar products at lower prices, including Capital IQ and Fact Set.

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Meanings of Terminal:
  1. At the end or end of something, formed or located.

  2. Establishment or establishment of a transport terminal.

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  11. Connection point to complete the circuit.

  12. A device in which the user enters data or commands into a computer system and displays the received output.

Sentences of Terminal
  1. Type of investigation

  2. Awaiting a detailed review of the needs of the telecommunications industry, I suggest that the deadline be moved to March 31, 2005.

  3. The law sets deadlines for domestic workers who arrive without a written agreement, in any case only applicable to British domestic workers.

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Synonyms of Terminal

untreatable, thorough, stop, perfect, halt, last, real, concluding, PC, total, end-stage, finishing, ultimate, closing, absolute, veritable, stage, utter, output device, out-and-out, inoperable, input device