Bloomberg Roll Select Commodity Total Return Index

Bloomberg Roll Select Commodity Total Return Index,

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Meanings of Commodity:
  1. Raw materials or important agricultural products that can be traded, such as copper or coffee.

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Sentences of Commodity
  1. Commodity broker

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Sentences of Total
  1. The cost of steel and its heat treatment is usually less than a quarter of the total cost of all equipment.

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Sentences of Index
  1. Endnotes, bibliographies, and name and article indicators facilitate educational use and instant reference.

  2. It consists of 648 pages of text, divided into 39 pages and articles, each with a 26-page thematic and designated index.

  3. Helpful appendix, lots of references, and list of articles and names are at the end of this volume.

  4. Carefully commented on and extensively polished, it contains a historical table of former Iranian rulers, an electoral bibliography, and a 25-page index.

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Synonyms of Index

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