Definition of Bloodletting:

  1. The surgical removal of some of a patients blood for therapeutic purposes.

  2. When an investor suffers a chain of bad investment deals.

Synonyms of Bloodletting

Aspiration, Bane, Bleeding, Blood, Bloodshed, Braining, Broaching, Cupping, Dealing death, Destruction, Destruction of life, Dispatch, Drafting, Drainage, Draining, Drawing, Emptying, Euthanasia, Execution, Extermination, Flow of blood, Gore, Immolation, Kill, Killing, Lapidation, Leeching, Martyrdom, Martyrization, Mercy killing, Milking, Phlebotomy, Pipetting, Poisoning, Pumping, Ritual killing, Ritual murder, Sacrifice, Shooting, Siphoning, Slaughter, Slaying, Stoning, Sucking, Suction, Taking of life, Tapping, Venesection

How to use Bloodletting in a sentence?

  1. There are medieval scenes of bloodletting, and of doctors cauterising patients piles, polyps, and even cataracts (ouch).

Meaning of Bloodletting & Bloodletting Definition