Definition of Blog:

  1. A website similar to an online diary, containing historical entries made by people. The word blog comes from a combination of web and newspaper words. Blogs usually focus on a specific topic (business, entertainment news, etc.) and provide users with a forum (or comment box) to discuss each post. Many people use blogs as diaries or diaries.

  2. A website or webpage that is updated regularly is usually run by individuals or small groups and is informal or natural.

  3. Add new content or update your blog regularly.

Synonyms of Blog

Story, Explanation, Recital, Narration, Tale, Version, News, Statement, Report, Narrative, Portrayal, Description, Communiqué, Exposition, Interpretation, Rendition, Sketch, Delineation

How to use Blog in a sentence?

  1. I want them to have a bus driver rating system, as they do on blog listing sites.
  2. It's been almost a week since my last blog.

Meaning of Blog & Blog Definition