What Does Blind Mean?

  1. For tax purposes, a person is considered blind if he cannot see with his eyes better than 20/200 with contact lenses or glasses, or if he has a field of view of 20 degrees or less. Is.

  2. If an individual is legally considered blind in the sense of the right to a lower standard

Meanings of Blind

  1. People who can't see.

  2. Window girls, especially those made of wrap or slot.

  3. Something to hide your true intentions.

  4. A great hangover.

  5. Legal businesses have criminal businesses.

  6. Unable to see due to injuries, illnesses or congenital diseases.

  7. Lack of awareness, awareness or judgment.

  8. Impossible to see (by curves or curves in the road).

  9. (Used in sympathetic feedback) At least not.

  10. (Plants) without buds, eyes or terminal flowers.

  11. drunk.

  12. Prevent (someone) from seeing permanently or temporarily

Sentences of Blind

  1. Guide dogs for the blind

  2. He lowered the veil

  3. He calls from the house again: He is his blind man

  4. For the third time, he won and used the Metropolitan Barber Shop as his largest theater shop.

  5. Blind man with a stick

  6. He is blind to the reality of his position

  7. Two trucks collided in a blind curve of the road

  8. Too much shallowing is the most common cause of blunt onions

  9. The wound blinded him for a while

  10. Somehow Claire and I are really blind

Synonyms of Blind

deprive of understanding, visually impaired, uncomprehending, unsighted, drinking bout, screen, awning, deprive of sight, undiscerning , stolid, put someone's eyes out, destitute of vision , deprive of judgement, in darkness , camouflage, masquerade, disguise, gouge someone's eyes out, cloak, insensitive, unperceptive, debauch