Blind Test

Blind Test,

Definition of Blind Test:

  • A method of research that asks people to test a variety of similar products that are not identified by their brand to decide which product is the best.

Literal Meanings of Blind Test


Meanings of Blind:
  1. People who can't see.

  2. Window girls, especially those made of wrap or slot.

  3. Something to hide your true intentions.

  4. A great hangover.

  5. Legal businesses have criminal businesses.

  6. Unable to see due to injury, illness or congenital disease.

  7. Lack of awareness, awareness or judgment.

  8. Impossible to see (by curves or curves in the road).

  9. (Used in sympathy) Absolutely not.

Sentences of Blind
  1. Guide dogs for the blind

  2. She pulls down the veil

  3. He shouts from the house again: He is his blind man

  4. For the third time, he succeeded and then used the Metropolitan Barber Shop as his large theater shop.

  5. Blind man with a stick

  6. He is blind to the reality of his position

  7. Two trucks collided in a blind curve of the road

  8. Too much shallowing is the most common cause of blunt onions

  9. The wound blinded him for a while

  10. Somehow Claire and I are blind to reality

Synonyms of Blind

cloak, unintelligent, drinking bout, feint, covering, unimaginative, deprive of perception, camouflage, mask, visually impaired, stolid, put someone's eyes out, protection, stone blind, shutter, thick-skinned, curtain, deprive of sight, render sightless, stupid


Meanings of Test:
  1. Take steps to test the quality, performance or reliability of (something), especially before it is generalized or put into practice.

  2. A process used to determine the quality, performance, or reliability of an item, especially before it is deployed.

  3. An eco-furnace uses a mobile stove to separate gold or silver from tons.

  4. Shell or identification of some invertebrates and protozoa, especially foraminifera limestone shell or hard outer shell of tunnels.

Sentences of Test
  1. This limit has not been tested on animals.

  2. No sparks are visible during the test

  3. When the preparation is complete, the test is allowed to dry and then placed in the oven (made in every way like a hall oven), with the exception that the test to adjust the test There is space left on the bench. The width is too small.

  4. Shell evidence has been reinstalled, but the original jewelry is preserved in great detail.

Synonyms of Test

trial, carry out trials on, put through its paces, experiment, pilot study, experiment with, pilot, try-out, put to the test, try out