Definition of Blemish:

  1. Quality control term for an imperfection that is severe enough to be noticed, but which should not impair the intended normal use of the item. See also defect, imperfection, and non-conformity.

  2. Spoil the appearance of (something) that is otherwise aesthetically perfect.

  3. A small mark or flaw which spoils the appearance of something.

Synonyms of Blemish

Imperfection, Fault, Flaw, Defect, Deformity, Discoloration, Disfigurement, Abrade, Abrasion, Baboon, Bag, Bark, Besmirch, Birthmark, Black sheep, Blaze, Blaze a trail, Blister, Bloody, Blot, Blotch, Brand, Break, Bruise, Bug, Burn, Caste mark, Catch, Chafe, Chalk, Chalk up, Check, Check off, Checkmark, Chip, Cicatrix, Cicatrize, Claw, Concussion, Crack, Crackle, Craze, Cut, Damage, Dapple, Dash, Deface, Defect, Defection, Deficiency, Define, Deform, Delimit, Demarcate, Discolor, Discoloration, Disfigure, Disfigurement, Disproportion, Distort, Dog, Dot, Drawback, Dysphemize, Earmark, Engrave, Engraving, Erratum, Error, Eyesore, Failing, Failure, Fault, Faute, Flash burn, Flaw, Fleck, Flick, Foible, Foreign body, Foreign intruder, Fracture, Frailty, Fray, Frazzle, Freckle, Fret, Fright, Gall, Gargoyle, Gash, Graving, Hack, Hag, Harm, Harridan, Hatch, Hole, Hurt, Impair, Impairment, Imperfection, Impress, Imprint, Impurity, Inadequacy, Incise, Incision, Infirmity, Injure, Injury, Intruder, Jot, Kink, Lacerate, Laceration, Lentigo, Lesion, Line, Little problem, Look a fright, Look a mess, Look bad, Look like hell, Look something terrible, Macula, Maim, Make a mark, Make mincemeat of, Mar, Mark, Mark off, Mark out, Marking, Maul, Mess, Misfit, Misshape, Mole, Monkey wrench, Monster, Monstrosity, Mortal wound, Mote, Mottle, Mutilate, Mutilation, Nevus, Nick, No beauty, Notch, Oddball, Offend, Offend the eye, Patch, Pencil, Pepper, Pierce, Pockmark, Point, Polka dot, Prejudice, Prick, Print, Problem, Punch, Punctuate, Puncture, Rend, Rent, Riddle, Rift, Rip, Run, Rupture, Savage, Scab, Scald, Scar, Scarecrow, Scarification, Scarify, Scorch, Score, Scotch, Scrape, Scratch, Scratching, Scuff, Seal, Seam, Second-degree burn, Shortcoming, Sight, Skin, Slash, Slit, Sliver, Smear, Snag, Something missing, Sore, Speck, Speckle, Splash, Splinter, Split, Splotch, Spoil, Spot, Sprain, Stab, Stab wound, Stain, Stamp, Stick, Stigma, Stigmatize, Stone, Strain, Strawberry mark, Streak, Striate, Stripe, Sully, Taint, Tarnish, Tattoo, Tattoo mark, Tear, Teratism, Third-degree burn, Tick, Tick off, Tittle, Trace, Trauma, Traumatize, Truncate, Twist, Uglify, Ugly duckling, Underline, Underscore, Vice, Vitiate, Vulnerable place, Warp, Wart, Watermark, Weak link, Weak point, Weakness, Weed, Witch, Wound, Wounds immedicable, Wrench, Mar, Spoil, Impair, Disfigure, Blight, Deface, Flaw, Mark, Spot, Speckle, Blotch, Discolour, Scar

How to use Blemish in a sentence?

  1. The merest blemish on a Rolls Royce might render it unsalable.
  2. His reign as world champion has been blemished by controversy.

Meaning of Blemish & Blemish Definition