Bleach To Developer Ratio

Bleach To Developer Ratio

How much bleach + manufacturer ratio should I use?

This means you can merge it evenly or add more developers.

For example, one tablespoon of bleach per ounce from the manufacturer.

Or 1 tablespoon bleach per 2 oz.

More exposure only gives a soft stability and can help you climb faster. I use bleach all the time and I don't use 2 tablespoons of bleach as part of the manufacturer. This will allow the bleach to collect and lift your hair.

That's all you need, according to the developer.

10 ink tanks or 1 single height level.

20 to cover gray hair or to lighten 2 surfaces.

30 Raise your hair 3 degrees.

40 4 levels.

For example, if your hair is 40 years old, there are 4 layers of orange or copper.

2: 1 Developer 1.

Bleach To Developer Ratio