Blanket Rate

Blanket Rate,

What is Blanket Rate?

  • Blanket Rate means, A flat fee is a one-time fee that applies to various insurance products or offers. For example, a property insurer may offer a restaurant chain blocking fee to cover all their properties in a particular area.

    Offering comprehensive rates can make the process of registering multiple properties easier.

Literal Meanings of Blanket Rate


Meanings of Blanket:
  1. A large piece of wool or similar material used as a blanket or other warm blanket.

  2. The rubber surface on which the ink image is transferred from the plate to the paper during offset printing.

  3. Include all cases or examples in a complete and comprehensive manner.

  4. Cover with a thick layer.

Sentences of Blanket
  1. I slept on the floor covered with a blanket

  2. Advertising ban on common tobacco

  3. The field was covered with snow

Synonyms of Blanket

overlay, quilt, sweeping, outright, all-inclusive, umbrella, far-reaching, overspread, general, rug, wholesale, across the board, duvet, inclusive, widespread, eiderdown, cap, total, thorough, complete, wide-ranging, carpet, extend over, extensive


Meanings of Rate:
  1. Pay a fixed price or charge something for something, especially good or service.

Synonyms of Rate

deem to be, put a value on, calculate, find to be, measure, outlay, judge to be, assess, appraise, tariff, hold to be, compute, figure, charge, value, amount, cost, judge, think to be, estimate, reckon to be