Blanket Policy

Blanket Policy,

Definition of Blanket Policy:

Meaning of Blanket Policy: A single insurance policy that covers many different features, deliveries or destinations.

Blanket Policy means: Limited health policy only covers accidents. This group is a form of coverage that is not registered with the policy and does not receive a certificate of coverage. For example, it can be used to protect children in the camp.

Literal Meanings of Blanket Policy


Meanings of Blanket:
  1. A large piece of wool or similar material used as a sheet or other warm blanket.

  2. The rubber surface on which the ink image is transferred from the plate to the paper during offset printing.

  3. Include all cases or examples in a complete and comprehensive manner.

  4. Cover with a thick layer.

Sentences of Blanket
  1. I slept on the floor covered with a blanket

  2. Advertising ban on common tobacco

  3. The field was covered with snow

Synonyms of Blanket

extend over, general, coat, duvet, across the board, overlay, indiscriminate, complete, extensive, carpet, comprehensive, crown, top, overlie, wide-ranging, quilt, widespread, thorough, eiderdown, total, large-scale, afghan


Meanings of Policy:
  1. Practices or practices adopted or proposed by the government, party, company or individual in accordance with the Code of Conduct.

Synonyms of Policy

scheme, programme, blueprint, attitude, schedule, notions, theory, approach, line, guidelines, intentions, code, strategy, stance, plans, proposed action, system, position, stratagem