Definition of Blank:

  1. Showing incomprehension or no reaction.

  2. A space left to be filled in a document.

  3. A roughly cut metal or wooden block intended for further shaping or finishing.

  4. A cartridge containing gunpowder but no bullet, used for training or as a signal.

  5. (of a surface or background) unrelieved by decorative or other features; bare, empty, or plain.

  6. Complete; absolute (used emphatically with negative force).

  7. Cover up, obscure, or cause to appear blank or empty.

  8. An empty space or period of time, especially in terms of a lack of knowledge or understanding.

  9. Defeat (a sports opponent) without allowing the opposition to score.

  10. A dash written instead of a word or letter, especially instead of an obscenity or profanity.

  11. Piece of metal from which a part or container is formed or machined through further mechanical operations.

Synonyms of Blank

Envelop, Surround, Swathe, Enfold, Cover, Cover up, Conceal, Hide, Secrete, Camouflage, Disguise, Mask, Screen, Shield, Cloak, Blanket, Shroud, Enwrap, Canopy, Overlay, Space, Gap, Blank space, Empty space, Expressionless, Empty, Vacant, Deadpan, Wooden, Stony, Impassive, Inanimate, Poker-faced, Vacuous, Glazed, Fixed, Lifeless, Uninterested, Emotionless, Unresponsive, Inscrutable, Outright, Absolute, Categorical, Unqualified, Utter, Complete, Thorough, Flat, Straight, Positive, Certain, Explicit, Unequivocal, Unambiguous, Unmistakable, Plain, Clear, Clear-cut, Void, Vacuum, Emptiness, Vacancy, Empty, Unfilled, Unmarked, Unwritten on, Unused, Clear, Free, Bare, Clean, Plain, Spotless, White, Olympian, Absence, Absolute, Aloof, Arid, Awayness, Backward, Bald, Bare, Barren, Bashful, Bewildered, Black, Blah, Bland, Blankminded, Bleached, Blind, Blind-alley, Bloodless, Box, Calm, Cecal, Characterless, Chasm, Chilled, Chilly, Chirograph, Choked, Choked off, Clean slate, Clear, Closed, Cold, Colorless, Complete, Confused, Constrained, Constricted, Contracted, Cool, Dazed, Dead, Dead-end, Deadpan, Deprivation, Detached, Devoid, Discomfited, Disconcerted, Discreet, Dismal, Distant, Docket, Document, Dossier, Downright, Draggy, Drearisome, Dreary, Dry, Dryasdust, Dull, Dusty, Effete, Elephantine, Emotionless, Emptiness, Empty, Empty space, Empty-headed, Empty-minded, Empty-pated, Empty-skulled, Etiolated, Expressionless, Fade, Fatuous, Featureless, File, Fishy, Flat, Forbidding, Form, Frigid, Frosty, Glassy, Guarded, Heavy, Helpless, Ho-hum, Hollow, Holograph, Icy, Impassive, Impersonal, Inaccessible, Inane, Inanity, Incogitant, Inexcitable, Inexpressive, Insipid, Instrument, Introverted, Jejune, Lack, Leaden, Legal document, Legal instrument, Legal paper, Lifeless, Line, Low-spirited, Mindless, Modest, Naked, Neverness, Nil, Nirvanic, Nonexistence, Nonoccurrence, Nonplussed, Nonpresence, Nothing, Nothingness, Nowhereness, Nude, Null, Null and void, Oblivious, Official document, Offish, Out-and-out, Overlook, Oversight, Pale, Pallid, Paper, Papers, Parchment, Passive, Pedestrian, Perfect, Perplexed, Personal file, Plain, Plodding, Pointless, Poker-faced, Poky, Ponderous, Preterition, Pure, Quietistic, Rattlebrained, Rattleheaded, Regular, Relaxed, Remote, Removed, Repressed, Reserved, Restrained, Reticent, Retiring, Roll, Scatterbrained, Scrip, Script, Scroll, Sheer, Shrinking, Shut, Skip, Slow, Solemn, Space, Spiritless, Squeezed shut, Standoff, Standoffish, Stark, Sterile, Stiff, Stodgy, Straight-out, Strangulated, Stuffy, Subdued, Subtraction, Superficial, Suppressed, Tabula rasa, Tasteless, Tedious, Thoughtfree, Thoughtless, Tranquil, Unadorned, Unadulterated, Unaffable, Unapproachable, Unarrayed, Uncomplicated, Uncongenial, Undecked, Undecorated, Undemonstrative, Undressed, Unembellished, Unexpansive, Unexpressive, Unfurbished, Ungarnished, Ungenial, Unideaed, Unintellectual, Unlively, Unmixed, Unoccupied, Unopen, Unopened, Unornamented, Unqualified, Unreasoning, Unrelieved, Unsophisticated, Unthinking, Untrimmed, Unvarnished, Unvented, Unventilated, Utter, Vacant, Vacuous, Vacuum, Vapid, Void, Want, White, With nothing inside, Withdrawn, Without content, Wooden, Writ, Writing, Zero

How to use Blank in a sentence?

  1. We were met by blank looks.
  2. My mind was a total blank.
  3. But, more importantly, youll find a blank for words that should not appear.
  4. She let the cartridges of blanks drop to the ground and reloaded with live fire.
  5. A blank wall.
  6. Leave blanks to type in the appropriate names.
  7. Worthing shaped the blank into a traditional British style and finished the wood with a hand-rubbed oil finish.
  8. Electronic countermeasures blanked out the radar signals.
  9. He was met with a blank refusal to discuss the issue.

Meaning of Blank & Blank Definition