Blackmail Settlement Clause

Blackmail Settlement Clause,

What is Blackmail Settlement Clause?

  • Definition of Blackmail Settlement Clause: See the term Central Agreement for the synonym arbitration clause

Literal Meanings of Blackmail Settlement Clause


Meanings of Blackmail:
  1. Asking for money or other benefits in return for not disclosing harmful or harmful information about them.

  2. The act of receiving payment or other benefits from someone, which is considered a crime, does not disclose harmful or harmful information about it in return.

Sentences of Blackmail
  1. Try squeezing at $ 400,000

  2. He was acquitted of extortion charges

Synonyms of Blackmail

demanding money with menaces, intimidation, extort money from, extortion, milk, threaten, hold to ransom, exaction, bleed


Meanings of Settlement:
  1. Once an uninhabited place where a community meets.

  2. An agreement in which the property is transferred to private ownership in a settlement agreement.

  3. The process or process of setting up an account.

  4. Minimize the property or structure built on it.

Sentences of Settlement
  1. The union reached a wage agreement

  2. Butterfly small town

  3. If you make a significant contribution or pay and die within the next seven years, you may have to pay inheritance tax.

  4. Most providers offer prepaid discounts

  5. It is necessary to replace the walls of the cabinet with cracks in the seating

Synonyms of Settlement

arrangement, clearing, understanding, clearance, discharge, satisfaction, bargain, liquidation, defrayal, community, settling up, payment, resolution, deal, encampment, pact, outpost, accommodation, settling, colony


Meanings of Clause:
  1. A grammatical organizational unit, which immediately follows a sentence on a line. Occurs later and must have an article and prediction in traditional grammar.

  2. Articles, terms or conditions are specific and separate from an agreement, bill or agreement.

Sentences of Clause
  1. Of the above sentences, the two sentences are connected by several sentences without connecting words.

  2. Agreements usually contain a provision of an electoral law that determines the applicable law.

Synonyms of Clause

section, term, set phrase, idiomatic expression, expression, point, locution, item, construction, article, phrasal verb, idiom, wording, clause, part, paragraph, word group, heading, group of words, note, turn of phrase, phrasal idiom, subsection, passage