Black box

Black box,

Definition of Black box:

  1. A flight recorder in an aircraft.

  2. Device, process, or system, whose inputs and outputs (and the relationships between them) are known, but whose internal structure or working is (1) not well, or at all, understood, (2) not necessary to be understood for the job or purpose at hand, or (3) not supposed to be known because of its confidential nature. See also white box.

How to use Black box in a sentence?

  1. You should have someone one your staff that knows how to repair the black box if it ever malfunctions or has an issue.
  2. The letter read that if you opened the black box ,it would unleash a force greater than anything this world has ever seen.
  3. The aircrafts black boxes could also hold the key to the accident.
  4. The black box worked and that is all the employee needed or wanted to know as he was concerned with reaching his goal.

Meaning of Black box & Black box Definition