What is the difference between xesual and ual? ۔

As all dispensers go:

sual: meme or yang woman is attracted to the same people or they (a)

sual: meme or woman who feels attractive or both ..

I am not saying that you have more ability, ability depends on the performance of an independent person.

to fly

Hetsual: Like the opposite

You = feel attracted to or do it with someone or:

mem =>

Woman => Woman (Lescas)

sual: Feels attracted or like hair strands

Mem likes meme and woman.

The woman who loves women.

MetroSoil: Only or gentlemen who practically treat LOT (facial nail, sham / conditioner, moisturizer, cream, depilation, yes or all intentions) or as a woman only; whether or not, yes; or all intentions) Either men are no more (or not; or xD).

Not with the desired question or equivalent ability but with attraction / desire.


Or personally responsible in advance. Bleach's great answer, very complete.


Myal, his car, etc.

Eat two bones