Definition of Bit:

  1. Binary digit. Represented by common (lower case) letter b, a bit is the smallest unit of information (representing 0 or 1) a computer can hold in its memory, or a data communication device can transmit or receive. See also byte.

  2. A small piece, part, or quantity of something.

  3. A unit of 12 1/2 cents (used only in even multiples).

  4. A set of actions or ideas associated with a specific group or activity.

Phonetic Pronunciation of Bit


Origin of word Bit

Old English bite ‘biting, a bite’, of Germanic origin; related to Dutch beet and German Biss, also to bite.

Synonyms of Bit

ALGOL, COBOL, EDP, FORTRAN, A breath, A continental, A curse, A damn, A darn, A hoot, Ace, Act, Actor, Aculeus, Acumination, Afterpiece, Allotment, Allowance, Alphabetic data, Alphanumeric code, Anchor watch, Angular data, Antagonist, Antihero, Arrest, Assembler, Atom, Auger, Back band, Backstrap, Bagatelle, Bauble, Bean, Bearing rein, Bellyband, Bibelot, Big end, Bigger half, Binary digit, Binary scale, Binary system, Bit part, Bite, Blinders, Blinds, Borer, Bowshot, Brake, Brass farthing, Breeching, Bridle, Brief span, Budget, Bug, Butt, Button, Byte, Caparison, Cast, Cavesson, Cent, Chain, Channel, Character, Chaser, Check, Checkrein, Cheekpiece, Chinband, Chip, Chock, Chunk, Cinch, Cipher, Clip, Clipping, Clog, Close quarters, Close range, Collar, Collop, Command pulses, Commands, Commission, Communication explosion, Communication theory, Compiler, Computer code, Computer language, Computer program, Constrain, Contingent, Control signals, Controlled quantity, Correcting signals, Countercheck, Crack, Crownband, Crumb, Crupper, Cue, Curb, Curb bit, Curio, Curtain, Curtain call, Curtain raiser, Cusp, Cut, Cutting, Dab, Damper, Data, Data retrieval, Data storage, Day shift, Deal, Decoding, Destiny, Digit, Divertimento, Divertissement, Dividend, Dogwatch, Dole, Dollop, Doorstop, Dot, Drag, Drag sail, Dram, Dribble, Driblet, Drift anchor, Drift sail, Drill, Drogue, Drop, Dwarf, Earreach, Earshot, Electronic data processing, Encoding, End, Entropy, Epilogue, Equal share, Error, Error signals, Exode, Exodus, Expository scene, Farce, Farthing, Fat part, Fate, Feather, Feedback pulses, Feedback signals, Feeder, Fetter, Fig, Figure, Film data, Finale, Fleabite, Fleck, Flyspeck, Folderol, Fragment, Fribble, Frippery, Full time, Gag swivel, Gaud, Gewgaw, Gimcrack, Girth, Gob, Gobbet, Grain, Granule, Graveyard shift, Groat, Gunshot, Hackamore, Hair, Hair space, Hairbreadth, Hairsbreadth, Half, Half rations, Half time, Halfpenny, Halter, Halver, Hames, Hametugs, Handful, Harness, Headgear, Headstall, Heavy, Helping, Hero, Heroine, Hexadecimal system, Hill of beans, Hip straps, Hoke act, Hold back, Hold down, Hold in, Holdback, Hunk, Inch, Information, Information explosion, Information theory, Ingenue, Inhibit, Input data, Input quantity, Instant, Instructions, Interest, Interlude, Intermezzo, Intermission, Introduction, Iota, Jaquima, Jerk line, Jest, Joke, Jot, Kickshaw, Knickknack, Knickknackery, Lead, Lead role, Leading lady, Leading man, Leading woman, Lines, Little, Little bit, Little ways, Little while, Lobster trick, Lot, Lota, Lump, Machine language, Martingale, Measure, Meed, Mere subsistence, Mess, Message, Minikin, Minim, Minimum, Minutiae, Mite, Mockery, Modicum, Moiety, Molecule, Molehill, Moment, Morsel, Mote, Mouthful, Mucro, Multiple messages, Neb, Needle, Nib, Night shift, No time, Noise, Noseband, Notation, Number, Numeral, Numeric data, Numero, Nutshell, Octal system, Oscillograph data, Ounce, Output data, Output quantity, Overtime, Pair of winks, Paring, Part, Part time, Particle, Pebble, Pelham, Peppercorn, Percentage, Person, Personage, Picayune, Piece, Pin, Pinch, Pinch of snuff, Pinprick, Pistol shot, Pittance, Play, Point, Polar data, Pole strap, Portion, Prick, Prickle, Prologue, Proportion, Protagonist, Punch-card data, Quantum, Quota, Rake-off, Random data, Rap, Rasher, Ration, Rectangular data, Red cent, Redundancy, Reference quantity, Reins, Relay, Remora, Ribbons, Role, Routine, Row of pins, Ruly English, Rush, Saddle, Scene, Scoop, Scotch, Scrap, Scrimption, Scruple, Sea anchor, Segment, Shackle, Shaft tug, Shard, Share, Shaving, Shift, Shit, Shiver, Short allowance, Short commons, Short distance, Short piece, Short spell, Short time, Short way, Shred, Shtick, Side, Side check, Sign, Signal, Signals, Single messages, Sketch, Skit, Slice, Sliver, Small share, Small space, Smidgen, Smitch, Smithereen, Snack, Snaffle, Snap, Snatch, Sneeshing, Snip, Snippet, Song and dance, Sou, Soubrette, Space, Span, Speck, Spell, Spitting distance, Splinter, Split schedule, Split shift, Spoke, Spoonful, Spot, Spurt, Stake, Stand-up comedy act, Starvation wages, Stay, Step, Sting, Stint, Stitch, Stock, Stop, Straight part, Straw, Stretch, Striptease, Stump, Sunrise watch, Supporting character, Supporting role, Surcingle, Swing shift, Symbol, Tack, Tackle, Tatter, Thimbleful, Time, Tiny bit, Tip, Title role, Tittle, Tour, Tour of duty, Toy, Trammel, Trappings, Trick, Trifle, Trifling amount, Trinket, Trivia, Triviality, Tug, Tuppence, Turn, Turn of work, Two cents, Two shakes, Twopence, Unorganized data, Villain, Visible-speech data, Walk-on, Walking part, Watch, Whet, Whim-wham, Whit, Winker braces, Withhold, Work shift, Yoke, Small portion, Small piece, Piece, Portion, Segment, Section, Part

How to use Bit in a sentence?

  1. Give the duck a bit of bread.

Meaning of Bit & Bit Definition

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