Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act Of 2002

Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act Of 2002,

What Does Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act Of 2002 Mean?

  1. Federal action, known as the McCain Fennold Act, finances political campaigns. Under the law, companies cannot directly participate (ie, on behalf of a company) in the federal election for candidates or political parties. However, companies may form Political Action Committees (PACs), which are authorized to collect voluntary contributions from specific groups of individuals, such as executives and executives, shareholders and their families. The company's directors and officers are responsible for any violations of the McCain Fennogold Act as a result of raising funds for the company's campaigns.

Literal Meanings of Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act Of 2002


Meanings of Bipartisan:
  1. It involves an agreement or cooperation between two political parties that is generally opposed.

Sentences of Bipartisan
  1. Reform was widely supported by both sides


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  4. What does the Reformation of Judaism point to or relate to?

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  1. Opportunities to reform and reorganize outdated school models

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